losing streak at Intercasino.


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Sep 30, 2003
Hi all.
I'll somehow mimic cipher ( Have a good time cipher!! ) in this post.
This is a streak of intercasino that seemed strange to me. No other
comments from me. Just the losing streak and the 3 dealer bj's out
of 4 hands. Real money play. I do not know if there is any value in
this post.. If not do not bother answer.... :cool:
Something similar happended when I played baccarat at intercasino 2 years ago. I was playing at a table where it was stated that each hand would be random,ie.the cards are reshuffled after each hand. Bet on banker at $5/10 real play. Played 10 hands and lost them all. How's that for a streak.
I lost 16 hands in a row on Intercasino once. Starting with 2$ bet and raising slowly. Biggest bet was 100$ on the 17th hand, which I won...

Never lost that many hands in a row anywhere else...
baccarat at intercasino is fixed :eek2: I have had great black jack runs, also the same runs as above.

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