WARNING Looselines Casino: no pay, CS unavailable


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Player came to us with an issue where Looselines had denied a $3000+ withdrawal. The reason given was that they player "may have cheated" and that there were "polish and danish cheat systems out there".

Whether the player is Polish or Danish or from Star Cluster NGC 290 has little relevance to the case unless it is a violation of the casino's Terms -- there are no such Terms posted at Looselines.com -- or the player has in fact cheated in which case one would expect the casino to offer some evidence.

Unfortunately the casino is offering no explanations at all. They have ceased to communicate with the player and have not responded to our inquiries on the player's behalf. So ...

Warning: Looselines Casino is denying withdrawals without justification. Customer Service ignores the players and any attempts to bring player issues to their attention. Avoid this casino.