WARNING Lion Slots: outrageous confiscations and non-responsive


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
A couple months ago a player came to us with a simple case: he'd won €75 on a ND bonus, had deposited and had documents approved, and then the casino notified him that his winnings had been cancelled because he had one or more accounts at other Rival casinos. "Account(s) at other Rival casinos"? That covers a hell of a lot of ground and is hardly a punishable offence never mind confiscation-worthy.

We took the player's complaint to the casino -- over and over again as it happens -- and got absolutely nothing back from them in response. Total radio silence. So be it ...

Warning: Lion Slots (lionslots.com) is confiscating player winnings for the lamest reasons imaginable. They are also ignoring player complaints. Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid this casino.