Landbased Casino RTP Drop 7%


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Aug 17, 2021
Landbased Casino has changed there games to include a jackpot feature RTP Droped 7% from 96% to 89%.
After a bit of commotion they have assured us the RTP is about the same, but the game RTP does not included the linked jackpots.
This makes sense but shouldn't going by the technical standards the RTP have the overall RTP including the random jackpots.
IF (and a big IF) what they are saying is correct, the only person they are cheating is themself.
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Both forms are widely used in the industry. As a number of providers now mandate significant jackpot contributions to their progressives, I think it's important that information is explicit (so I prefer seeing 89+7% over 96%).

In the longer term, there is every reason to be concerned - changes to the base game require development of a new maths model, internal testing and external certification; changes to the jackpot contributions could be as easy as one setting in the control panel.

As with shrinkflation in the supermarket - they're quick to highlight the "smaller packet, same product", only because you didn't realise the last one (same packet, smaller product) had shrunk 10%. I imagine it'll be the same here - 96% to 89+7% is a sideways move, but it wouldn't take much for that to become 89+3%... "same game" (because it's the same base game), but significantly lower RTP.
Wondering what the heck RTP is? Find out here at Casinomeister.

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