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Jan 22, 2024
Yggdrasil (new) game: Rainbow Rayn 2.
Got jackpot wheel and like a short screen capture shows i hit Maxi 2000X but got paid only Major 100X.
I have got answer from the casino that payout should be right... What you guys think/know, Do I have any reasons to make case out of this to get right payout? Thanks


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It's rare but it happens, and something most, if not all, casinos have taken into consideration while forming their T&C's so it's unlikely you'll get anywhere with a complaint since the casino's initial response is that the payout is correct.

I play a lot but have only had it happen once. And would you believe, that too was Yggdrassil! If memory serves, I got a fair few of the top symbol elephant all over the place on some safari game yet the payout was like 5x. This was only one of several malfunctions on the slot I was playing. I just thought WTF and moved on.

It sucks and you have my sympathy. If I were the casino I'd give you 100 FS or whatever to somewhat compensate for Yggdrassil's sheer incompetence.
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This is one problem with online casinos. It doesn't matter what you see on the screen. The only thing that matters is what the servers tell you won. Once again the player gets stiffed. If I was the casino I'd give you some kind of compensation.
I often see a similar glitch on Cloud Quest - which I play quite a lot :rolleyes:

I have never caught it on video, but many times I have seen the "Power Stone" pointer spin round and land on the last yellow segment (like the example below) - but no bonus is awarded.

It's just sloppy programming :(



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