Pirates Plenty Megaways Tue experience


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Sep 13, 2021
Hello guys, I thought I'd share my true experience with this one from Red Tiger.
As you might know, these series are my most favorites with some other ones from Relax and NLC and NetEnt.
So to the point. I will start on main game only (not upgraded one)
Starting to play this game came back to 1st one Pirates Plenty - where I have find out that when I start to play on any bet, I had 76x out of 100x bonus game landed.
So I did give it a try on Megaways. And it is the same kind of ratio. I did in past week many times this game on different bets, on two different casinos, because if you finish map, you will get that upgraded game. I have truly listed stats, because to me it is entertaining game to watch as well.
I have played on each bet 0.8Euros to 10Euros, each one. Once I've got landed bonus spins and it has finished I was going right up on bet. Here are bets and bonuses stats:
0.8Euro - got bonus in 144 spins played - 320x bet.
1Euro - got bonus landed in 221 spins - 140x bet
2Euro - got bonus landed in 46 spins additional 3 scatters = 9 spins extra - 1670x bet
4Euro - got bonus landed in 486 spins - 166x bet
6Euro - got bonus landed in 21 spins - additional 4 scatters = 12 spins extra - 1456x bet
8Euro - got bonus landed in 344 spins - 248x bet
10Euro - got bonus landed in 59spins - 810x bet
- YES, TRY IT AND YOU WILL SEE ON YOUR OWN :) - this is the 1st reason I love this game (second reason are wilds in unlocked upgraded game)

On unlocked game its an another story where things will change alot!

Here you need alot alot more spins to get the bonus landed. Longest was ever to me 1450 spins to get the bonus.
In any bonus I've got in this upgrade game, was never more than 1600x bet. And extra free spins I have landed only like 10x in total and I'm playing it alot, this game.
But the even-cy here are the wilds, where I have had many many times two wilds ladies in front of reel next to each other. And that is like 88% you will hit directly above 1000x bet, no matter which bet size. I had one on bet 10Euros 1340x bet from those two wilds, 1100x bet on 6Euros etc.
I am not playing that high, but my max was on bet 2Euros where I've got - now read it again, two wilds ladies on very back positions and with the MONKEY landed in front without straight win, so the Monkey has eaten all the low paying symbols and the hit was 4560x bet on base game. Twice I had wild lady with monkey as well, paid above 1000x bex but not really more than 1200x bet.
On the bonus game, there Im having usually 8.times out of 10.times a wild lady coming with big win and I remember only 3.times I had monkey in bonus rounds which was in bonus game my max win 1600x bet.

Th game is quite unpredictable, because I had in this session two wild ladies on 1Eur bet - 880x bet and in another 40 spins again with 620x bet.
Some times, I have found that you can go for like 1000spins without two ladies as well. Or seeing them coming, but not connection into win, or connect only one of them. Thats mostly when they come at the end of row or they are splint to front and back.
I am not saying its only winning times on this game - of course not!!! But, I think apart from Relax and NetEnt - those are my biggest winnings I've had and I just like this game alot.
Anyway, just thought I'd share my experience on this one as well. :)


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Sep 13, 2021
And today it did happen again on bet 4 :D
Not much in total - just 510x bet, but still, nice to have it in approx 130 spins.


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