How much have you lost in a day?

Not that I'm proud of it, but to get this topic started..

My biggest daily loss was about $2500

And I'm sure not to do that again..

I blew about $1000 one night martingaling roulette and blackjack. That was over a year ago. I felt terriblebut then chalked it up as a good lesson and I haven't done it again.
Depends if you mean in one deposit? (100) or in a day chasing losses? (I never chase)

Or in various casinos in a day (probably 300)

but in my case i use winnings for future deposits
Kind of hard to remember because I tend to spread the love around.

Land-based, about $500, (at five different casinos).

Online, probably about $1000, spread amongst multiple deposits at multiple casinos.
Oh Dear

Not the sort of think I record actually! :eek2:
But I'd guess on my worst ever day, something like about $300-400... :eek:

That's SERIOUS for you KK:D

I played Thunderstruck in the Casino Action tournament, and let it run on autoplay set to catch wins of 750x line (5 Hammers has a 200 extra prize). It didn't stop for ages, and I didn't hear the galloping free spins. Although I was betting at a miserly 0.27p per spin, I found my balance down 200 in around an hour. I was shocked that the negative spell had gone on for several thousand spins without respite, and stopped the slot.

My worst day ever was blowing everything I had won the previous day chasing "the streak". I had, instead, an exceptional spell in the opposite sense to the earlier session at the other casino. I did at least make VIP after only 2 months of membership, and am pretty even at the group as a whole, probably going ahead recently. The damage was thousands, rather than hundreds, and I was annoyed that I had gone "on tilt" rather than taking a more sensible view by playing at a different casino.
Now, if one casino just seems permanently bad, I deposit at another one instead of continuing to chase the upturn. I seem to do better this way, as I often hit a nice run at some stage and losses overall are much smaller, and sometimes I hit a real winning streak.
online i lost 8600 one ningt at bodog playing blackjack and slots , was half hammered and went on tilt , only good thing was that 4700 of it was winnings from the night before
Actual Deposits in one day....... $5,000.00

Actual amount lost in same day.... $5,000.00

At an Online Casino

Was I happy about it? .... No

Coulda gotten alot of Pooty for 5K .......:xxx
I was thinking the same thing the next day , could have bought a lt of shit with 8600 , like a new 60 inch plasma .
Im ashame to tell you guys...........but Ive lost in the 5 digits..................
I believe my largest cummulative loss in a 24-hour period was about $500. This relates to foolishly chasing losses... a mistake that I won't make again.
400$ (previous winnings, after completing wagering).

I decided to give 10 line All-Aces a got at 5$/game. I knew payout was 99.92% so on average it would be almost free. 400$ lost in 10 minutes. :eek:

I am not counting days where I lost a lot of money if there was bonuses involved. I probably have a few of these that go over 500$.

In fairness, I've only ever really gone crazy when it's been previously funded by winnings - but it's still your money when it's in your hands, so it counts!

I'm not sure, as I've never kept very good records... It's easily around 2000 though I should imagine. Probably more.

Done a LOT worse in Vegas - nearer the five figures mark. I'm not proud.
Sure lots of people win, but others lose

How much money have you lost in a day from betting?

On a slot machine, I put a $100 in a $5 machine in Las Vegas and proceeded to put in three more after going on tilt.

On a poker table, I've lost $2,000 in a 20-40 game, but I've had many more big poker wins than losses.
:lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup: :lolup:

100.00 online

300.00 once in a casino. pooh. My xmas money. Almost puked. didnt even have fun. Never again.
Next time I went with 40.00, came back with 200.00 over that. That helped. Alot.

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