Betfred block after big win


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Jan 30, 2024
I recently won over £13k from betfred and lost roughly £9k and I noticed I was unable to place bets, so I called and spoke to an agent who would not give me a reason why I was unable to place my bets, I did ask to speak to a manager but she advised there was no 1 available, but insisted I could still withdraw my available funds.

I did advise why were restriction not applied before I lost all that money and why now, as this seems unfair, I did say I was not happy and would want my money back, she did say you can’t have money you lost, which I do understand but I was so frustrated by the agent not five of me any straight answers and advised I would like to make a complaint about her, she was very short with me and than said I will tell security.

I thank tried to withdraw my remaining winnings but was unable to do so, so I rang up again and I was advised I threatened a chargeback, which is not what I did as all money was from my winnings with betfred and not my bank so that was also untrue, which is what I advised the other agent who advised she cannot do anything as security decision is final.

The 1st agent I spoke to said chargeback which I never mentioned as this is not the case.
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The most common case is when in such a situation they answer you “go somewhere or file a complaint” because they know that this will not affect your receipt of money
Did you reach a loss limit? Sometimes they put that on without you knowing or agreeing and you can't do anything on the site until the loss limit gets reset. Unless you fill in survey to say why you can have a bigger loss limit. I've had that imposed on me. One time I won £1,400, left it on the site (bad idea) couple days later spent the whole lot and reached my loss limit for the new week, even though I was playing all with winnings from the other week.
They would not advise, customer service was non existent, absolutely no good.

I have made a complaint and am waiting to hear back, it will take them to court if necessary as this in unacceptable and unethical.

There are laws that prevent this happening and I know no terms and conditions were breached.
Probably triggered some security check, because most people when winning 14k would withdraw a large sum of that and not play back 9k.

Are you verified at this place? Have they asked for some docs?
And got my money y/day
Still no sign of the £9k I lost also why didn’t they restrict my play before the loss as stated in Gambling Commission.
So would want my £9k back also
@nouman007 why would you think you could get the 9k back when you willingly played it back? The fact they put restrictions on your account eventually has nothing to do with you playing that money back? I'm sorry you lost the money tho that sucks, it's all too easy to keep playing thinking it's gonna last ages. Mind-boggling how quick you can get through pretty much any balance these days. Best thing to do is restrict your account yourself after a big win-so no need to be tempted to keep playing until it's safely withdrawn.
Sounds like they blocked you for your own good. You won a lot and you then spent 70% of it. They’re required to monitor accounts for responsible gambling - you obviously hit some alerts even if you didn’t have limits set. For your protection, they stopped you spending more. Also protects them.

You won’t get what you gambled back because you chose to spend it.

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