Feedback Hey, question about new account activation


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Jun 30, 1998
Hey guys, just want to ask, one of my friends registered at CM about 48hours ago, but still waiting to activation of his account. Looks like only maxd or casinomeister activate new accs, so he should wait when they come online?
Only I can activate new accounts. When one registers, the application goes into a moderator's queue. When I'm gone for a few days (like I was until now) things get a little clogged up. He should be able to access his new account fully.

This is something I do to keep the spam and bot accounts to a minimum. Casinomeister is hit with about +300 new bot accounts a day, the majority being deleted by some software we have installed, but a handful get through. That's why I do this manually.

But now I'm back :D