Birthday Happy Birthday to KasinoKing!

Happy B-day, ye ole scoundrel!!

Hope you have a fantastic day with the ones you hold dear, and the rest of 'm stay out of your hair! ^.^
Been raising some glasses myself the past 24 hrs, spiking my alcohol to blood ratio significantly, so i feel confident raising my coffee to your good health and fortune instead, will suffice!!

:cheers: (it's coffee, really!)
+1 Birthday greets KK, may tomorrow's hangover make you happy to wait 360-odd days for the next one. :D ;)
Thanks for all the messages guys! :thumbsup:

And sorry that I've only just seen this thread a week later - been so busy off-line for the last several weeks - house & garden renovations and other thrilling crap like that - hardly got near my laptop :eek2:

Belated Happy Birthday wishes from me, Mr. KK.

Hope you had a most excellent day. Cheers :) :cheers:

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