Grand Banks Casino - I know its rogued... Now...


Dormant account
Feb 23, 2005
Well, I figured I would share my experience and remind everyone not to play at Grand Banks. I made the mistake of signing up without double checking the rogue list here, but now I see its on the list, and I have first hand experience of why its there too.

Looks like I completed my wagering requirement with a profit, therefore I am an abuser.


Based on your recent activity at Grand Banks up to February 20th, your
account has been system flagged for apparent bonus abuse. As such, your
and bonus will be void and your initial deposit has been returned.

From our Terms:
"Players who endeavor only to meet minimum playthrough requirements of
given bonus, exhibiting 'bonus hunter' characteristics, will have their
accounts automatically flagged and audited. Should the security
determine that a new player account was set-up solely to exploit this
the player may forfeit their bonus money, any winnings gained under
promotion and their deposit returned."

Clarence Evans
Manager - Grand Banks"
they must add this to their terms and condition.

" All Player cannot take winning from our casino.

All player must lose. "
OK, that's well out of order. They weren't rogued for winnings confiscation as I recall, it was for perennial slow play. This is another thing entirely.

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