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Sep 1, 2005
Anyone got anything good/bad to say about this casino? I'm a bit wary of them on account of the .ru address, but perhaps unfairly so - they're MGV, have a Kahnawake licence and a pretty professional looking website, along with a decent bonus offer, and a really cool name. Another thing that makes me raise an eyebrow is they have an ICQ number as a support contact :D Thoughts?
guesswest said:
Another thing that makes me raise an eyebrow is they have an ICQ number as a support contact :D Thoughts?

They also don't offer toll free support in the USA... If they won't pay for a phone call, how do we know they'd pay out on a cash-in?
Bruce Hamilton said:
They don't display the Fortune Lounge logo like the other sites do. Did FL acquire them recently?

as far as i know they have been in the FL stable for quite a while now, ive played there and can confirm that that goldfishka is safe
I played Goldfishka about 6 months ago. At the time they used the old Micrograming platform, not sure if they have upgraded to the Viper version since then. The only problem I had was they insist on speaking with you on the phone before processing withdrawals. They had a ton of problems figuring out how to call me in the US. Once they finally figured it out, they paid in under 48 hours. Definitely reputable on the whole though IMO.
Goldfishka is one of the most respected casinos in Russia. I think they are part of FL from the very beginning. They have both old and Viper flash versions.
AFAIK IP-phone call to Russia costs about 5c per minute, their e-mail support isn't bad too.
Has anyone tried playing here lately? Da?

I sent them an e-mail to see if they do withdrawals to ECO. I'll be surprised if I get a reply.

I played here a few weeks ago. I was able to reach live support in English fairly easily. I did not have a cashout (had one of my worst runs ever), so I don't know how smooth that would have gone. They regularly send me promotion emails written in Russian.

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