Getslots (dama nv)


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May 31, 2015
Well as you already know I am really easy to drive insane with anything going not like I expected with my casino experience at a specific place. I never expect a manager to do something he doesnt absolutely need to.

I am amazed at the treatment I got at getslots since the beginning. Never played a lot there to be honest compared to the million wagered at unibet or the 10s of thousands at other softswiss brands. Tonight I realized I was supposed to have receive my level 1 reward which was 10 eur and 20 spins. After losing the 10 euros, played the spins and reAd the terms. It wasnt clear if it was 50 euros max cashout or no max at all. Usually, Well 99% of the time, anything that favors the casino would be their decision.

After arguing a little bit with Alex, one of the best agent I have ever come to chat with, I eas told to cashout my whole balance of 192 euros. What a fkn nice experience. I am amazed.

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