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Casino status/review (for 'where') here:
Best Online Casino Reviews Updated Since 1998 - Casinomeister
WHO: Paddypower
WHAT : Christmas Calendar (Bingo)
WHERE: Paddy Power Casino Review, trusted & updated info - Casinomeister

Paddy’s giving you a new gift every single day in December. These gifts include offers, new game releases and mystery freebie drops.
To get involved, just click through to our Advent Calendar where a new gift will be revealed at noon every day! Open the door and see what lies within!.

Suggestion: Someone should start a Christmas Calendar thread, one of the mods perhaps:)
Some wheel i had when logged in - won 500 FS
WHERE BGO Casino Review, trusted & updated info | Casinomeister

Think wager free? Most i've won in those Netent wheels - cheers to @irish-ranger as if hadn't seen him playing at BGO i would have probably not have hit the 'password reset button'

Doing OK, not amazing - on Finn and the Amazing Spin, 20p i think as well

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 15.57.22.png
WHO: Paddypower
WHAT : 5 Fs - Jingle Bells Power Reels(Promotion - Christmas Story).
WHERE: Paddy Power Casino Review, trusted & updated info - Casinomeister
  • The promotion starts 10:00 12/12/20 and will finish at 23:59 12/12/20.
  • Once you opt into the offer you will have 2 hours to use your 5 Free Spins.
  • Once you have used your Free Spins you will begin staking real cash.
WHO: Paddypower
WHAT : Christmas Tree Bingo Promo - receive gauranteed prize.
WHERE: Paddy Power Casino Review, trusted & updated info - Casinomeister

*Must be send before 12:00 pm today.
As part of the
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
, we want you to share the joy and send us in pictures of your Christmas Trees!

As a reward we’ll have guaranteed prizes for everyone who sends in a pic of their tree! Free spins and free tickets for everyone!

Send the picture to

Have you won any cash giveaways yet? We’ve given out over £20K to just 6 bingo players and there’s more to come! Keep an eye on the Advent Calendar!
WHO: Paddypower
WHAT : Five golden chips - Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Live!(opt in promo).
WHERE: Paddy Power Casino Review, trusted & updated info - Casinomeister

Five free Golden Chips, worth £0.10 each!

· They can be used on our new game: Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Live!

· Note the value of the Golden Chips are not returned with a win.

· Once they’ve been used, you’ll get an in-game message offering you a chance to win more. Click ‘Accept’ and wager £10 – on Adventures Beyond Wonderland - and we’ll credit another 10 to your account!


Used code: CRYSTAL for 10 free bingo tickets - Crystal room.


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WHO: William Hill
WHAT: 60 seconds free spins at 60p per spin - no wagering
WHERE: William Hill Casino | Casino Club | Grey Zone | Casinomeister

This is a existing players only offer, but hasn't been publicised or emailed to my knowledge - found it lurking on the promotions page. I made £5.60 odd so worth looking for
Yeah normally get something like that every Thursday but got it Wednesday this week it is active to Sunday.

Also most weeks when get that there is a tenner bonus for some live game. Normally go to sports page at top and scroll along by that days specials and find it at the end. Was a tenner for lightning roulette this week.

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