Bonus Complaint Eurobets Casino does not pay out my winnings


Feb 21, 2021
Chezh republic
Hello. Help me please. Eurobets Casino does not pay out my winnings. I registered at this casino at the end of last year and activated a no deposit bonus. I fulfilled all the requirements for this bonus and on January 2 made a check deposit and sent documents for verification.

And from that moment until today, I have not yet received my winnings. Almost two months have passed since the documents were sent. I think it is not normal for the casino to pay out winnings for so long. I am beginning to doubt the honesty and decency of this casino. Every week I go to the online chat and ask about my winnings, and every time the support answers me the same thing.

Or he answers that the financial team is working on the withdrawal and that it will be processed as soon as possible. Or he replies that the output will be processed on the weekend. Every time they write this to me and do not keep their promises. I am tired of their lies and I want to get help from you. Can you tell me what to do and how to deal with it?
Surely they should keep to their word! Its posts like these why I rarely gamble these days. Tell them to stop lying and pay you out! Liers are the worst for sure. Even worse when your just told what you want to hear. Idiots
Their website is down at the moment... this looks pretty bad... :(

Maybe because your in the UK? I was able to open the casino. Games vendor I haven't heard of seen about in 8 years, no company or any form of license information.
Their website is down at the moment... this looks pretty bad... :(

It's been down a week, it's a 100% criminal fraud outfit, or was. Expect nothing, because that's what you'll get. Chargeback, the site being gone will help your case.

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