GENERAL WARNING Non-Responsive casinos - EuroBets, Europa, Gamebet, Grandbay, SpinMadness


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Jan 20, 2004
We present our second in the Non-Responsive series of group Warnings concerning casinos that ignore player complaints. In all cases these casinos refused to acknowledge the player's issue and did nothing to see it resolved.

EuroBets ( player had been trying for almost 6 months to get their USD1100 withdrawal, "I receive only excuses and lies". The casino had nothing to say when we submitted -- and resubmitted and resubmitted again -- the player's complaint. AFAWK Eurobets is unlicensed.

Europa ( player wanted to withdraw CDN3500 in winnings. The casino would not pay out to the player's deposit sources, insisted the player create and use an e-wallet account to deposit more money and then they'd process payment. Player had good evidence that the e-wallet mentioned had a reputation for misusing player data and not processing withdrawals. Player wanted the casino to find some other payment method but the casino wouldn't respond. Nor did they ever respond to the player's complaint. Europa holds a Malta license.

Gamebet ( player had over €4000 stuck in their Gamebet account which they were blocked from withdrawing. Gamebet offered no explaination, would not respond to the player and ignored us when we tried to raise the player's complaint. AFAWK Gamebet is unlicensed.

Grandbay ( player had been told by Support that they could reverse the withdrawal of their winnings from free spins and play it as cash. The player did so and won USD800 then tried to withdraw. The casino claimed they'd sent $150 -- which the player never received -- but never processed the remaining $650. When the player complainted the casino simply said "Terms violations" and refused to reply any further. When we tried to raise the complaint on the player's behalf they would not respond in any way. AFAWK Grandbay is unlicensed.

SpinMadness ( player won a €4000 jackot but the casino refused to pay after an "internal audit", reason given was that the player had exceeded the max bet limit on prior bonus play. Player asked for game history to show this and received a record that had an hour segment missing from the play record during the bonus play and no evidence of the alleged bet violation(s). The player came to us but when we took the complaint to the casino they refused to reply. AFAWK SpinMadness is unlicensed.
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Spin Madness and Grand Bay are associated, same Limassol address (despite supposedly different company names) and use 8048/JAZ.
Eurobets seems to not be operational, site down but that could change.
Gamebet associated with notorious scam group Radon BV
Europa casino actually has a legit MGA license! Associated with Mansion Group and has been in trouble previously:

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