England's Victoria Gate Casino fined $613K over social responsibility, AML failings


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Aug 8, 2016
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One customer incurred losses of £275,000 over 22 months before the casino requested source of funds evidence, and when information was finally sought, the operator relied on a tax account which couldn’t support the affordability of the customer’s losses.

Another customer, who incurred in total losses of £93,294 on their account since registering in February 2017. VGC requested the customer provide proof of source of funds in March 2018, within seven days. The customer did not submit copies of bank statements until seven weeks later but was permitted to continue to gamble at VGC’s premises throughout that period. The origin of the funds were not verified.

Quite crazy losses for a land based casino, online you can sort of understand but imagine having to go to a physical premise and lose £275k!
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