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Dec 1, 2023

I'm a U.K citizen and gambler. Predominantly Poker. Have been a semi-professional poker player for 26 Years. I also love to slot digitally from time to time. Reason I'm here really is to make connections in the forums and utilise whatever casino Meister has to offer.

My first discussion I'd like to start is probably one that's already been talked about regarding UK Players and Source of Funds/Wealth checks. As annoying as they can be this has never been an issue for me but these past few months a few casino's are declining my deposit increase requests or freezing deposits altogether claiming player safety. What confuses me is I can and have clearly displayed evidence of a monthly net disposable income of around £1500 on average. All bills and priority bills paid and I declare to them I'm self employed.

Is anyone self employed from the UK having the same issues? It just seems they don't want you as a customer if your self employed. The two casinos that I have this issue with thus far have both been fined in the region of £700,000 by the UKGC in the past two years for failing to protect vulnerable players and protect their business's from utilising aniti-money laundering practices.
Hello, and welcome to Casinomeister. :cheerleader:

The questions you ask are good ones and unfortunately I don't think there are any good answers. The UKGC has managed to turn the whole UK online gambling scene into a hostile environment for the casinos and that has had the inevitable trickle-down effect of making it a PITA for players.

At this point it benefits the casinos to be ultra-cautious -- aka paranoid -- about player's SOW issues BUT it also benefits them to do things like freezing accounts and withholding balances in the name of player protection.

Ironically one of the most regulated casino licensing jurisdictions in the world is now forcing good casinos to behave rather similarly to the nasty rogue casinos of the bad old days. In the fight for survival things are getting a bit ugly.

- Max

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