Another hello all from Canada


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Jan 21, 2024
Hi all. Thanks in advance for any welcomes.

I'm an avid slots player. Been losing slowly but steady over the years. It's fun I keep saying and I could get rich :0)

They didn't build Vegas on winners. In reality, gamblers just trade money back and forth, while a middle man takes a cut.

I played real one arm bandits. Does that mean I'm old?

I don't do 3 Card Monte.

Watched a movie once (think it was Clint Eastwood?) where a con-man was running a shell game and a few guys watching. A player walks up puts his 5 spot down and the con-man shuffles the shells and it's time to pick which shell the ball is under. The player puts his finger on the middle one and says this one", then he lifts the right shell, no ball, then lifts the left one, no ball. Without lifting the middle shell he says, "pay me".
Welcome on board @billion, we are also an "old" community more than 25 years online. I m sure you have good stories to share and perhaps some questions we could try to solve .
Thanks for the welcome pereblue. I sure do have some stories.

I once self represented and took on a government owned gambling over a small amount and by the time it was all said and done I think they had thrown hundreds of 1000.00 at the case. Harvard trained lawyers and such. They didn't want to loose face and went all out. In the end I did get my small amount claimed and a non-disclosure.
Have a great day. :thumbsup:

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