DrHo888.com anyone?


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Mar 17, 2003
Does anyone know of a site called drho888.com? Has anyone actually played there before? How reliable are they? How is their cashout process? Do they process your withdrawal fast?

I have played there a few times but each and everytime I play there, it seems that my money will dry up faster than anything else. Was just wondering if anyone had any experience with them.

It seems that it's own by Dr. Stanley Ho, but again that could be BOGUS. Anyway, if you have any experience here, please do tell about it. Their deposit seems to be OK. How about their withdrawal?

Thanks for sharing ;)
I have played there.

Their gameplay is fair and reliable. I haven't been lucky enough to cash out of there yet, so I can't speak about their withdrawal process. And Bryan probably knows better than I would who owns the thing. :)
I made a large cashout from my first deposit there (the gameplay is so slow that you have to whack down the big bets!) and iirc it took ages to arrive.

Seemed fairly amateurish. I'd get an email saying the money was in my neteller, I'd check and it wasn;t, I'd chase them up and then they'd ask for ID. Those kind of childish runaround tactics. Got paid in the end though
(the gameplay is so slow that you have to whack down the big bets!) and iirc it took ages to arrive.
Just curious....what do you mean you to have "whack down" the big bets because the gameplay is slow? Also, what is iirc?
I have played there quite often and never had a problem. Cashouts to neteller do take a week. Which sucks. I have cashed out money. but for the most part I seem to lose. The game is fair, dealers are pretty good looking. I think cashouts over 1K require ID. I only cashed out each time for 300-400 bucks so I didn't need to send ID.

Game play is very slow. So clearing a bonus takes forever so you have to bet big to clear it faster. I normally play the minimum bet where ever I play, but at this one I was betting 100 dollars at a time. I got up to 3000, but then went on a losing streak and cashed out for 900 without having to show ID.
Sorry for my technical jargon!

when I 'whack down the big bets' it is opposed to plodding through on small bets. Whilst I may be happy to do 500 $10 hands to clear a wagering requirement at other faster sites, here I would choose to do 50 $100 ones.

iirc is just shorthand for if I remember correctly

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