Question Is diamondreels trustworthy?


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Mar 12, 2018
So I was playing a while on had one withdrawal after 5 days of waiting and all the rest of the deposits were goners. Anyway who cares.

I tried to log in again and it did't recognize my details. On live chat they told me to try it on .com version. So I did and it seems my account was migrated to the .com version. Why? Who knows?

Any experience? Because right now i have offers of 410% on the .com version lol. Can't be legit right? Asked on live chat and my account is fully verified like it WAS on the eu version. Is this a license issue (the migration). Because they are still both offshore casino's.

Anyone playing there without any issues? I dont particularly care about the big welcome bonuses but i would like to play RTG again with autoplayer available which is not the case in my country.

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