Desert Dollar bounces check and steals deposit an winnings


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Sep 23, 2002
I played the new player bonus at desert dollar casino. i deposited $90 an cashed in $123. I followed every rule meet all the wagering requirements and cashed in. They paid me by check (so they knew that I followed all their rules and cashed in). We'll that check bounced and I called them and they told me that they have locked my account, but wouldn't state a reason for locking my account. This is just out an out stealing there's no other way to put it. If I had lost my deposit I'm sure I couldn't ask for my money back. I'll keep you posted to see if they correct their mistake.
Question: Did you happen to open multiple accounts under different names last year with the Fortune Lounge group trying to claim promotional bonuses? Perhaps you didn't realize that Desert Dollar uses the same support group. It seems you weren't put on the "black list" thus you were able to open an account at Dessert Dollar.

Nevertheless, they notified you via email that you should NOT cash the check, since they put a stop on it. So if you cashed it, that's your bag. They also refunded your $90 purchase to your Neteller account. This should be there by the 15th.

So all in all, there was no stealing here.
OK Bryan I know your sticking up for these guys, but I think they are only in the wrong here. I'm not a crook I had no multiple accounts under any other name. I played by the rules that they set fourth. Which is why I wasn't on the black list and why they sent me a check for my deposit and winnings. Ofcourse they never set me an email telling me not to cash the check they sent. Why would I want to pay a fee to cash a check i knew would bounce? And I'm only getting my $90 back because of you, because they advertise on your site. When I asked them for the money back before I posted this and got you involved my request was ignored. I should get all my winnings + the bank fee I had to eat. It's the casinos fault if customers playing fairly by the rules win at their promotions, they should have to play by their own rules I did. Thats the truth. Thanks for your help just trying to let you see my side
I just want to add this point too. All online cainos have the right to ban players or have a black list. But once they accept my deposit and let me start wagering at that point I could lose my deposit. They should not be able to ban players after the fact that they won money. Which is exactly what desert dollar did in my case.

I'll stick up for anybody when I think they are right, regardless whether or not they purchase ad space. I haven't seen many players purchasing ad space here, and I don't ask a thing from players when they receive any assistance from me.

I don't think you're being totally honest here. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but these casinos just don't shut down accounts for no reason, especially with they way the industry is right now. They need all of the customers they can get.

You defrauded Fortune Lounge and they caught up with you, that's all. What would you have done in their shoes? Let you keep your winnings? You're lucky it wasn't a landbased casino. You would have ended up like that "cheat" in the movie "Casino".

Good luck elsewhere.
Why does it seem like all of the 'casino x locked my account and won't pay me now' postings lately are from cheats?

Then they accuse you of being complicit because you accept the casino's advertising. Makes me sick.
Maybe it,s just me... but I can,t fathom purchasing $90.00 and cashing in $123.00. Am I missing something here? You would go through the trouble of depositing and cashing in for $33.00 profit? I,d rather just lose it all.
Bryan, I never defrauded the fortune lounge casino. In fact they send me promotions to gamble there weekly still. Would you send a promotion to someone who cheats you? In all your posts you claim that I defrauded the fortune lounge, please prove that? The only thing they caught up with was someone who wins by their rules. Which if you play correctly and times's the house edge by the wagering requirements you know you stand a good chance of winning or breaking even beacuse you are a first time player and they give a matching bonus. I don't use multiple names or accounts and I don't cheat.
If they don't want my business they shouldn't let me deposit their, but their hope is that I lose my deposit(which I have plenty of times) and then they don't have a problem. So it's ok to call someone a cheater only after they win? Thats not fair. How come I wasn't a cheater when I signed up and made my deposit? I didn't make up their bonuses and requirements they did. It's easy to win or break even their because of the bonus, but again in my opinion that is not being a cheater. Which is why they originally sent me a check for my deposit and winnings because they already knew I didn't cheat, if I was a cheater that never would have happend.
Bryan sorry for giving any greif, you are really the only person who helps solve these problems for the players. And without you I wouldn't have got my $90 back. You have also helped me get money that was rightfully mine in the past also. So thank you for that. Guess i gotta calm down and get a few beers in me.
You were playing on the same exact computer as some other known fraudsters at FL last year. This other well known fraudster (we'll call her A.A. for now) had been accused of opening several accounts at FL and charging back. I have records of her being accused of fraud from Windows casino as well. These accounts have been posted in the forum as well as the FL episode. It's funny how her name has popped up in a few places, and your account is linked to hers.

FL may be mistaken. Perhaps if you had purchased your computer from her, that would explain a few things.

As for not being on the negative database sooner than later, Julie Sidwell had handled a case like this earlier. Someone was complaining that the casino had removed winnings after the fact. They said it wasn't fair. She replied with an analogy, if a bank doesn't set up metal detectors, do they deserve to be robbed?

You simply screwed up at FL, you got caught, and they took a while to catch up to you.
well bryan I don't know about that. I played at on of your casinos usacasino365 or something like that and they let me deposit then locked my account.Said I made a chargeback which I did at another casino and for good reason.
The 100 dollar charge I made on my debit card was 3 months approx. before they took the money out. I went to the bank and found this out.On a debit it is supposed to be taken out immediately.Proccyber I dealt with, no wonder.I had the bank investigate it after I called proc and they denied any such charge.NOw that is a good reason to dispute it.I do thank you though for helping me get my money back.
proc told me it was the bank not them. I doubt it I say just a way to weasel out of their error. has never been listed here (I think we've gone through this before).

What does this have to do with Desert Dollar and the fact that Kman was committing player fraud?
OK, Fortune Lounge was obviously in the right here 100%. The player has limped away from being caught. As much crap as ive given this group their security dept did well. I guess there is a good reason why a check was cut and this wasnt caught when multiple users on same computer logged on right away. I guess us players have no idea how bad the scamming is. I'll try to give them less crap in the future.
bryan, thank you for finding out why i was considered a fraudulent player, i now understand what happened, "A.A." is an old friend who introduced me to online gambling a couple of years ago, and i opened an account on her computer with a fortune lounge casino, i stopped playing there after she told me she had been stiffed by the casino of her winnings, she didn't tell me we were linked in some way, we did not follow the rule about using the same computer, so i apologize for not realizing what was going on, my friend has since moved so it hasn't happened since, in my opinion using the same computer with my friend does not make me a fraudulent player, to me it is like using the same chair as a player at a land based casino, i did receive my deposit back from desert dollar, thank you for your help
Kman, you should know better than to try and bullshit me.

A.A., Alma Anderson, yes that's her name, is a fraudster.

I'm divulging her name since she has done so herself in these threads here:
So no one can bitch me out for divulging her name; she (or he) has done it herself. There is no breaching of a privacy issue.

If she is an old friend, how are her English skills? Her "boyfriend" contacted me a while back with a problem she had at Windows casino (they locked her account as well). He was writing in her behalf because she doesn't speak much English.

Funny how "estonian" (which is supposidly her) seems quite fluent.

By the way, her "boyfriend" (ufojoe) along with you have been identified as fraudsters as well.

Alma Anderson is a chargebacker, is linked to you and a number of other people who I won't name...yet.

Kman, I thought you were smarter than this to try and bullshit me. Yanking me around and the members of this forum is totally uncool. I'm rereading over some of these threads, and it's a sorry ass thing to see how members, ones who are really trying to solve other member's problems, are fucking lied to and jerked around.

I friggin' fed up with the whole friggin' mess.
You know, I only had to read the first two lines of kman's latest post before I put on my rubber boots to wade thru the b.s. he was trying to shovel. These scammers all thing they are so much smarter than everyone else and they'll never get caught. Fact is, they're too stupid to know how dumb they really are. Please banish him to internet purgatory Bryan. Anyone who couldn't see thru his latest story must be blind.
Okay, I don't get it. These scammers open multiple accounts, win on one or more of them, then when they don't get paid they ask for help by coming here.

It never occurs to them that once a bit of digging is done, they'll be found out? Duh!

And the old "we didn't know multiple accounts weren't allowed" line is bullsh*t. Anyone with a 3rd grade education could read it on any casino TC's.
Yeah - not really the smartest kids on the block, that's for sure. Kman and friends, two words for you. Fraudulent bastards.

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