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It's now obvious in my view, that in order to avoid any chance of fines, they are making impossible requests whenever UK players reach a certain threshold, knowing that no one will be able to comply.

This is rogue like behaviour, and is not in line with the sense of fair play casinomeister stands for.

Is there anyone that can get this situation drawn to the attention of someone in the ukgc or anywhere that may be able to point to some guidelines or rules that stop such unfair behaviour?
On the contrary, the UKGC CDD/AML guidance enables such behaviour. It would only be rogue-like if they ran off with the money - you should be able to withdraw, but only once the process has concluded successfully or unsuccessfully.

I know for a start they shouldn't allow deposits but not withdrawals according to the UKGC, must be lots of other rules and guidance this is going against?. Or is it all one sided.
A common misconception - they should not unduly delay withdrawals. The UKGC CDD/AML guidance restricts withdrawals only - it should restrict deposits and play also given the anti-freeroll nature but the UKGC haven't imposed that restriction, which I agree is somewhat predatory.

This is way beyond any SOW requirement, and with the added insult of them disabling my play, not returning deposits etc, without even being given a chance to comply is despicable.
The procedures are some of the most talked about headaches in UKGC-regulated gambling right now, and remember the UKGC have to operate within the existing KYC/AML financial framework. We have to remember that a considerable amount of fraud takes place in the gambling space, on all sides, so checks do need to happen - whether in the way they are currently being performed is another question.
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Hi @threerandomwords345 ,

Hope you are doing well,

We are sorry you feel that way, we hope you understand that we have certain requirements and obligations to fulfill which include doing SOW checks, we understand this process can be vexing and we likewise wish nothing more for such processes to be finished swiftly, it isn't in our interest to drag things out also, and we hope for this matter to be resolved soon.

Due to the sensitivity of the matter we likewise hope you understand we will not discuss matters relating to your account on the public forum, although we will continue to keep you updated with any new developments regarding your account as we already promised.

Kind Regards,
Team Videoslots.
"We are sorry you feel that way".

Probably the most insincere seven word phrase ever uttered in history. You aren't even remotely sorry.
A complete non-apology that is worthless, toxic and gaslighting in equal measures.

I am SOOOOOO glad I dodged a bullet after signing up to your casinos EIGHT YEARS ago.
Never deposited a single dime at your reprehensible clip joint.
Best decision I ever made in 12 years of online gambling.
You are no better than a backstreet bookie who is all too happy to take the bet, but then welches when it is time to pay out.

How members (who really should know better) on this forum still think you are the best casino out there (after all of the plentiful dickmoves that you have pulled over the years...all while hiding behind the smokescreen that is regulations) completely baffles me.

You give accredited casinos a bad name.
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I think this is really unfair, thoughts?.

I am a pensioner, and have had a Videoslots account for many years, I have completed a SOW and all other verification previously.. I had no problems with my account.

Last week out of nowhere I received another SOW request... Extremely open ended.. I was told I had 30 days to comply...

Turns out they had immediately removed my ability to withdraw. and stopped all my gameplay functionality... What's more I couldn't even play my free spins I had earned, or play in freerolls!.

They allowed me to make a deposit, but will not even allow me to withdraw my small deposit I made.

I understand in the gaming commissions rules they should not allow deposits but then deny withdrawals.

But most of all this is really unfair, there was no need to immediately and without warning cutoff all account access, without allowing time to comply...

Now I have a near impossible list of SOW requests to comply with, and have to run around trying to gather documentation to prove the source of every transaction over the last six months ... Including paysafe... Which is bought with cash... Are there any rules that state SOW requests must be reasonable?.

This is just a really unpleasant way to deal with a long time customer. Very disappointed ☹️
I heard that UKGC are going to ban people 65+ from all online casinos, not sue when this rule is going to be implemented though….
I heard that UKGC are going to ban people 65+ from all online casinos, not sue when this rule is going to be implemented though….

WTF??? :confused:

Fits right in with the other sensible UKGC rules we have to put up with though I suppose :rolleyes:

Quite a bit off that age for now but should I still be playing in a few years, glad I had kids now :p
Threerandomwords, If I were you I'd close my account. Then they have to either pay your balance or turn it over to the AML governing body for investigation.

I am sorry to hear you are not well. You really don't need this stress.

There has been more than one player it has happened to, and those of us on CM is only a very small number of players.

There are plenty of reputable casinos out there.
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