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Oct 27, 2003
For what its worth I wanted to share a recent good experience.

Joined and played Crockfords for the first time on 23rd Oct. Received a 100% match bonus for 100 after a short and sweet phone call to CS.

Found the software very fair (playing BJ only) if not old and frustratingly slow!

Cashed out 400 exactly (profit of 300) on 28th Oct.

Received 300 cheque on 31st Oct and 100 cheque on 3rd Nov. (I live in the UK)

No complaints from me here apart from the software which makes it a somewhat uninviting place to play - but I guess endless rounds of the same game at any casino on any software has its drawbacks!
I've been a big Crockfords fan for some time. The BJ feels extremely fair to me; the customer service is always courteous and knowledgeable; and the payouts are as prompt as I've seen anywhere -- they are always processed to my Neteller account within a matter of hours.

The biggest drawback is the software. It's a bit clunky to play (though tolerable). But it's a monster to download, in my experience. I have a dial-up connection, and it (along with its sister sites) takes at least 45 minutes to an hour to download, and when I'm through, I always find that the download has funked up the Java functions on my computer. I have to delete a bunch of stuff, then reload Java, to make everything work. Were the software not so technically dodgy, this would be, in my estimation, the best place out there.
I had the same problem.

I have cable broadband and it still took along time AND when it was finished downloading (after three tries), I couldn't open an account. :mad:
I phoned the CS and they did it for me.

I shut my computer off..went out..came back home..turned my computer back on and the ICON was not working. :confused:

So, I uninstalled the program and decided not to play there. TOO much trouble to go through.

It makes me wonder if I can trust these people.
They can be trusted without a doubt - I have met the management - but the software in my opinion is not particularly attractive.
I trust your judgement :)

But, attractive is not the problem.
My son, 1000 miles away, had the same frustrating problem as I had with the download and attempting to sign up as a new member.
So, we decided not to go there.

Thanks spearmaster, I appreciate your input. :)
'No complaints from me here apart from the software which makes it a somewhat uninviting place to play'

Thats what I said in my first post but I did not realise you guys would have such trouble.

I have a broadband connection through a standard phone line and downloaded the casino in minutes without the slightest hitch!

No problems opening the programme, creating an account etc - as I say just a slow and tedious game.

Sorry to hear of you others being unable to play.

As regards their credibility, spearmaster is right on - one reason I played to begin with was because they are part of the Stanley Leisure group with whom I bet in the UK.
Thank you for taking the time to discuss our software. We are aware of the issues mentioned above, namely download problems, java issues and slow gameplay. We are working on a new release at the moment that will solve the java issues and we are moving the download to the UK which should prove more reliable than the current site. Work is ongoing to speed up gameplay and movement through the application. We do work hard to ensure we offer excellent customer service and try to process payments as fast as we can. We have freephone numbers from the US and UK so please call if we can help in any way :yes:
I finally got to play at Crockfords after 1 month tried. They sent me CD and offer me a special signed up promotion. Deposit $300/ bonus $300 with wager requirement 20 x bonus.

I deposit $290 and goet $290 bonus. Play Black Jack. The game is very fair and wan't slow to me. I finished the wager requirement in 3 hours with bet $10-$20 per hand. Bank roll was almost reach $1000. Then down to $780. Play few slot and roulette, jsu for fun. Cash out $690.

Got my withdrawal in 10 minutes via Neteller.... Can't believe my eyes!!! I had problem at the software when I tried to deposit via Neteller. So I deposit/withdrawal through the website instead. The whole process from the website to my bank roll at casino is 2 minutes.

Great Customer service with very fast reply. I am very impressed with stanely casino. I heard a lot of good command about this group but never can't try it due to download problem.

I will suggest to email them and request the CD and you will love it. The game play is NOT slow to me because I use cable internet connection.

Crockfords and SuperVegas will be only two casino I will ever play from now on.
Excellent bewitch.

Glad to see you finally got to play - and made a nice profit.

Message for Stanley Casino

Could you possibly have a word with the boys at Stanley Racing to see if they will re-open my betting account - I never won that much in the first place!

You can e-mail me through my profile here.


Best of luck to all.
I just got an email from them. They put $40 at my casino account. What a surprise!!!

I had great experience at Crockfords. After playing at so many different (good and bad) casino, I think I will stick with Crockfords and Supervegas from now on. There is no T&C change stuff, no "bonus absue" label so far. After reading so many compliant and problems at here and WOL, I think I have enough.

I don't gamble for living. It's just a hobby. To me, the excellent Customer Service, fast payout and fair games are the key!!!

Good luck!

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Like I said - good people :) Just crappy software LOL.

I would be HIGHLY surprised if anyone had a serious problem here.

Oops! Didn't see Stanley has already popped in - welcome :) If it's who I think it is, no time no speak :)
Email or call them. Order on the website doen't work.
In fact, I went back few times without bonus. I think the BJ is really fair there. The CS is very fast and excellent regarding my experience, just have to cntact them first. Best of all, you can just email the stanely_casino right here (the profile). LOL

Lanidar, you really should try if you like to play BJ and fast payout. How's your result at SuperVegas? Did you try yet?

Merry Christmas.

I have the disk for Crockfords but I haven't tried it yet.

SuperVegas and Crockfords is on my "TO PLAY" list. :D

Holiday season is slowing me down a bit.

Thanks for asking about SV. I will let you know as soon as I cashin my winnings. :D
It sounds you have fun and winning at same time. :cheers: (Also online now, up early and can't wait to turn on the computer like me? LOL)

Happy holiday to you and your families. Enjoy the snow! Keep me update after you try the crockfords. The game is slower than other software. Good luck!

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