Be Aware Conquestador ignores Gamstop, refuses to discuss complaints


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Jan 20, 2004
A UK player came to us with a case where they had signed up with Gamstop then later deposited £15000+ at They lost more than 1/3 of their deposit then reported themselves to casino Support as being registered on Gamstop and asked for their money to be returned.

The casino returned the remaining balance but said they were not registered with Gamstop and thus had no obligations to the player regarding the losses.

The player came to us and we approached the casino to discuss the case. They said they'd only deal with the player's complaint per their Terms, meaning through their designated ADR only.

By law the casino is free to do this but it does deny their players the right to choose a dispute resolution service of their choice. The UKGC made it clear earlier this year that it is not their intention that UK licensed casinos should deny players that freedom (see ThePogg's
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) . In other words it is purely a corporate decision at Conquestador to do this and is, we believe, a significant disservice to their customers.

BE AWARE: is refusing to discuss player complaints with anyone but their own designated ADR.
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