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Jun 4, 2002
Here's my complicated story that I can't get their customer support to acknowledge. They put out a 4 part bonus. Deposit and play thru each coupon then receive a $100 chip afterwards. Well, I redeemed the 1st coupon, then made my $25 deposit resulting in an $83.25 bonus. These were Tri-Card Bonus play only coupons. I played thru the 25x wager requirements on the first coupon and with luck, had a balance of $104.25. I made a withdrawal request of $104 (withdrawals must be whole dollars) which left a $.25 account balance. In order to redeem the next coupon, the account balance must be at $0, so I had to play something to get rid of $.25, not a easy task. I found a multi-line slot that played from my balance and in 5 spins, my $.25 was gone. Now, I could redeem coupon #2, make my $25 deposit and play thru it. No winnings here, but at the $.25 account balance, I had to go play the multi-line slot to use up the $.25 before I could redeem the next coupon. Same result for coupons #3 & 4. Then, I requested the $100 chip for redeeming all 4 bonus coupons. I played thru it's wager requirements and with some good luck (I hit a couple Royal Flushes) I cashed out $501. Then I get two emails stating that each withdrawal has been denied without a clear excuse.

I was on hold for 30 to 45 minutes twice trying to get into their customer service number. The first time, after about 45 minutes of hold, the phone system gave me a 'circuits are busy, try later', and disconnected me. The second time I was on hold for about 30 minutes before 'Sammy' (female) finally came on the line to try and help me. I tried to explain the sequence of events to her.

Basically, I cashed out $104 on the first bonus after ONLY playing tricard poker, THEN played the multi-line slot to get rid of the $.25. She claimed that my play on the multi-line slot voids my winnings on that bonus even though the $104 was already out of my casino balance and I'd already fulfilled all wager requirements.

Then I asked about the $501 withdrawal and couldn't really get a good answer from her as to why it was denied. She just said the max withdrawal for the $100 chip was 1x, which I wasn't told when offered it. I had specifically asked about any special wager requirements or limitations when I requested the chip, and other than 20x for multi-hand video poker, they didn't mention any other restrictions.

Sammy tried to give me back my initial $25 for the first coupon claiming the multi-line slots voided those winning. I tried explaining that I'd followed all the rules but she just got frustrated. She said she had other customers on hold and didn't have any more time to spend with me. I should go any and think about how I screwed up by playing something other than tricard poker and then call back later. This REALLY pi$$ed me off!! I explained that I'd already waited on hold more than an hour's worth of time and wanted this resolved. She insisted I go away. I asked to talk to her supervisor. She said she wasn't there. I asked for a name. 'Cynthia' was all I got with the insistence that she would be in later. Please call back later. Good bye. Click....

Boy, am I fuming!!!!!

What's my recourse now? Do I get on hold for another hour and hope that Cythia happens to be in when I finally get thru???

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Club Player has a rep on the contact list.

Scroll down the list till you see the Club Player rep "Cynthia W" on the left side of the list. Maybe send her a PM ?

Edit: You may want to send her an email also. I think it's been a couple of months since she's logged in.
Isn't it always in the fine-fine print...

Well, I did receive a reply from Cynthia, which in itself was comforting. She stated that my biggest complaint about the rude customer service rep has been rectified (suspended). I didn't necessarily want the CSR to lose her job, (I'm sure she didn't), but I do hope she got a good reaming (I can hope :^).

To the withdrawal situations. Of course, if you go find all of the bonus t&c's for the specific promos, the first bonus (tricard poker) was non-cashable. So, after they deducted the bonus amt from my withdrawal, my $104 became $20. But worse than that, the '$100 free chip' cash out amount is actually limited to itself! So my $504 got reduced to $100... Ouch. I saw my total withdrawal of $605 get reduced to $120. All legal and spelled out... but still very disappointing.

Bottom line was still the CSR experience. If I hadn't waited for over an hour on hold just to be told I didn't understand and was wasting her time, I might not have exploded like I did. I'm not sure I'll go back to Club Player just because the bonus structure is so stringent, but at least I feel a bit better about their customer service thanks to Cynthia.
I never play those bonuses that only allow X times cashouts. Imagine hitting a large jackpot and being told you could only cashout $250 (with a $25 deposit)!! Who wants that?!? Club player is kind of a rip-off anyway in my opinion, so I don't play there anyway. Next thing you know they will limit their non-bonus winners to 10X max. deposit. They aren't worth the effort, too many more straight forward places to play. Sticky bonus is a four letter word to me!!
That's why I stay away from almost all RTG coupons and just play my own money . Glad you are getting something though . Congrats :thumbsup:

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