Be Aware Cloudbet is closing accounts and confiscating winnings.


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Jan 20, 2004
We've had a few reports and a recent complaint showing that Cloudbet is stalling payments, closing player accounts and confiscating player monies without justification. They variously claim "delays" or "violations" but will not provide further explanation nor supporting evidence. When asked to justify their actions against players they simply reply that they are investigating "irregularities" and have no idea when those investigations might conclude. Given that the issues dragged on for months already with no change in status one can only assume that they're in no rush to conclude anything. Meanwhile the players go unpaid and/or are locked out of their accounts and all communications are either ignored or receive the same "we're investigating ... no idea when that will be done" response.

Be Aware: is stalling payments to players for indefinite periods and/or simply locking players out of their accounts for alleged "violations" and "irregularities" that are never proven nor substantiated in any way. In effect the casino is simply confiscating player monies because nothing is being done to justify the actions against the players nor resolve their complaints. Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid and take their money elsewhere.

It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that holds the odious Curacao 1668/JAZ sub-license. See our sub-forum on that very subject for further details.

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