Withdrawn: Cherry Casino: verification run-around, confiscated winnings


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Withdrawn as of 12 April 2013

[strike]Player came to us after an extended period of frustration:
  • as part of a withdrawal request the casino had asked for and received misc docs including banking info.
  • the player was informed that not only had they "failed to pass verification procedures" but that their account was closed, winnings confiscated and furthermore their bank had locked their Visa Deposit card.
  • player discovered their debit card had been locked by the bank "because of the deposit to this casino". They were able to get the card cleared and reactivated.
  • player inquired at the casino regarding the problems with their account and the card. Casino replied that the "risk department" had conducted a "thorough investigation", found a "mismatch of information", the result of which was "this is a final decision". In spite of multiple attempts to determine what exactly was the "mismatch of information" the casino never responded again.

We got nothing in our several attempts to approach the casino, they completely ignored the issue.

Warning: Cherry Casino is locking player accounts without explanation, bungling their communications with player's financial institutions, and ignoring player complaints. Players are advised to avoid Cherry Casino.

PS. Please note that this is not Cherry Red Casino which is part of the Rushmore Group.[/strike]
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Some time after the Warning was issued a rep from casino signed on here at Casinomeister and cleared the player's PAB issue. Since then there have been indications that the casino is trying to clean up it's act.

Based on this I'm putting the casino 'Under Review'. If things continue to improve and the casino maintains a clear record then there is reason to believe the Warning could be withdrawn.