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Apr 4, 2014
Here's what happened to me...
1/ I deposited in Unibet and vera&john..a lot
2/ I asked about a free bonus for each casino
3/ chat at unibet asked me if I was financially solvent..and when I told them that was none of their business and also the request was made on the basis of what I had deposited over the last few months.I could be a millionaire but that's got nothing to do with getting a free bonus based on deposits made
4/ unibet have locked me out because of my comments to them and request made....pathetic
5/ conclusion ...Unibet are using some sort of excuse as above NOT to offer clients a free well as the fact you get no email/SMS on the fact you may have a bonus anyway..the last 5 free bonuses I got ive have had to ask chat for...
6/ Exactly the same problem with Vera & John...and I'm a VIP member in both and have had no VIP benefits since becoming VIP member years ago....
7/ also what happened to end of year free loyalty bonuses we used to get for deposits made over the year.


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Apr 18, 2009
It's common these days that one of the factors to if they suspect someone to have a gambling problem is that they constantly asks for bonuses.
No I didn't say I agree but it is one factor. Also being rude to support if they don't get any. So my guess is that is the reason for why the account was closed.

Vera&John stopped giving out anything when they were bought up. Being a VIP means nothing there.


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Dec 13, 2014
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Don’t think the casino need to use any excuse not to hand out a bonus. They just don’t do it in many cases as they have no obligation to.

I get two deposit offers from Unibet max a year - normally after their ‘survey’ they send out.

As for VJ - didn’t even know they did offers anymore. :eek2: Aside from their rubbish tournaments.

Probably picking two of the tightest casinos to chance a bonus with ;)
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Jan 9, 2013
While i appreciate that vip's should be rewarded, and stopped playing at vnj a long time ago due to the reward system and amazing 25% reloads (or 100% reloads that would take a low roller 6 months to earn). If it bothered me that much after asking for a bonus (i don't do that mind, but then im also not a vip anywhere) and afterwards i was still getting treated the same, i ceartinly wouldn't continue playing there for as long as it takes to ask 4 or 5 more times for a bonus. There's more to life than being thrown a bone m8.

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Nov 15, 2010
Hello everyone,

Just to let you know I had a look at the thread and going to dig into this a bit deeper with our Responsible Gaming department.

@writeon Please bear with me on the matter and I will get in contact with you as soon as I am up to speed and aware with the full reason of the account closure.

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