Cbet Casino won't pay my winnings

I wanted to reply to Eanske but I am not sure if I am allowed to discuss this matter while I have an ongoing PAB.
I think Eanske has been sent by Cbet or is a staff of Cbet. He sounds exactly like them.
Unless you want to risk a PAB being banned, best to let the dust settle before addressing any points that relate to your PAB :thumbsup:
Attention Casinomeister readers: this thread may have to be removed in order for the player to get paid. Normally we don't do this but the player has expressed his deep concern that if we don't do so he won't get his money. I don't want Casinomeister to be the reason this guy doesn't get paid.
Casino wants to this thread removed or player ?
And then we wait for next player to get screwed by them since there is nothing to be found about case like this if thread is removed...
The casino has made removal a prerequisite for the player receiving full payment.
I've informed the casino that if they proceed with this then they'll be awarded a Casinomeister Warning for their efforts. So no, either way it won't get buried.
I want to make something perfectly clear here:
The casino is in the wrong on this and apparently they've admitted that. That's fine, everyone makes mistakes. But what happens next determines what the public record will show.

If they pay the player then good on them, this thread will be marked as "Resolved" and the casino will have fixed their mistake. I'll even be happy to update this thread to say as much.

But if they proceed with blackmailing the player then that is a totally rogue action and a full blacklisting will then be well and fully earned.

I guess we'll see which course they prefer.
I agree - it would look far better for the casino if they pay the guy and therefore have been proven to participate in the PAB process, co-operate and then do the right thing. Every casino makes a mistake and that's all it will ever be. In fact you could say it's a feather in their cap.

But preconditions on paying the player who has justifiably complained, by the casino's own volition, are not the way to go. I cannot see logically why they would want to do that. When the player is paid, this thread would be far, far more beneficial to them than blacklisting. :confused:
It seems the Casino insists on proceeding with their original plan. So be it. This thread will be removed from view on or before Monday morning.
Quick update: my statement to the casino was as follows:
... your settlement statement requires the player to have internet content removed AS A PREREQUISITE to him receiving the monies he is owed. That is blackmail because you are withholding his money until he does what you demand of him.

For instance, at Casinomeister we don't remove threads because a casino doesn't like them. We can update them, mark them "Resolved" and post in the thread that the player was paid if that was in fact the case. But deletions are not something we normally do.

In this particular case the player has asked us to delete the thread on the grounds that he won't get paid in full if he does not get threads deleted. As you may imagine we don't want to be the one reason the player isn't paid so as a one time courtesy to this player we would delete the thread.

However, I will then have no choice but to alert our readership as to the underhanded actions of your casino in a Casinomeister Warning (Casinomeister Warnings). And those are part of the permanent record.

So, either you require the original thread to be deleted in order for the player to receive his money or you do not. Which is it?

The casino then said that I was blackmailing them and that we could post whatever we wanted but they weren't going to change a thing. They also said that they would not hold this against the player and they'd pay him regardless.

As of today the player reports that his final payment from the casino is now several days late.

If and when I receive confirmation that the player will be paid in full when this thread is removed I will do so. As repeatedly stated though that will result in a Casinomeister Warning being posted to notify the readership of this whole sorry affair.
Ok, in case anyone was wondering, the player received partial payment from CBet after fully complying with their "delete everything and we'll give you your money" blackmail BS. Apparently they've been seriously dragging their feet, and been non-responsive, with the last of the monies owed.

Cbet have since been honoured with a Casinomeister Award -- Worst Customer Service 2019 | Meister Awards - Casinomeister -- and were featured in one of Bryan's recent videos (
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). They'll soon be featured in their very own Casinomeister Warning.

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