Casinomeister sold

I hear they're going to ban Star Trek avatars which is, of course, a red line item for me. Ah well, it's been nice while it lasted.

- Max

(just kidding, no changes expected, Kirk and the crew are safe for the time being)
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What I would love to know is why they would buy CM, they already own AG? We all know how bad and unreliable AG is and can be.

I really hope they do not fuck up CM.
Bye Bryan and thanks for information what this site has gived me.

By the way : Did you sign an employment contract for part-time customer service on the night shift at
That's not retiring. :p

Casinomeister is definitely here to stay - I am still here for a few months, and there are no changes planned - but improvements to the site. :thumbsup:
Dear CM-members, our goal is ,as @Casinomeister mentioned ,To Keep the CM-spirit that Bryan began to cultivate 26 years ago, this is NOT only a decision of the new owners, but of yourselves as a community to continue promulgating the good practices that these years have been carried out by yourselves. I will be part of the community, as well as other members of the team. Just Give us some time about it, I'm sure you will be Happy with some of the changes, and of course, we will be "all ears" with you, always with constructive opinions.

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