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Jun 30, 1998
It has been twenty-six years this month since I created a few HTML pages, conjured up the name Casinomeister, and uploaded these from my two-bedroom apartment in San Diego. That was a seemingly magical period of the Internet where anyone could come up with an idea, slap together a few pages (or one for that matter) and create a website that other folks might want to interact with.

I remember those first few months watching the traffic ticker – forty people in a day was awesome traffic in 1998 – and as it slowly grew, so did the site, my ideas — and with it grew the online gaming industry.

The impetus for Casinomeister was to list casinos that people could trust, and to list those that were the baddies – thus our mission statement:

“Trust is what it’s all about. Our mission at Casinomeister is to provide solid information, information that enables players to make smart choices. Since trust is spawned by information, the more players know about online casinos, the more at ease and safer they will be.”

That mission statement has always been the underlying philosophy of the site, and I have never wavered from it.
In the twenty-six years of running Casinomeister, I have been in the trenches alongside our community members. I have stood up for and defended countless players, affiliates, and even operators against the wave of greed and dishonesty that this industry breeds. And it was not just me, but the power of Casinomeister’s community that gave me that leverage. There are a lot of forum members who have been on this journey alongside me, most of whom I am very grateful for. It’s the members of our forum who really kept the online gambling industry in line. And those voices, especially the critical ones, helped me steer the right course for Casinomeister and continue our mission.

We have an incredibly small but dedicated staff. Max Drayman, our complaints manager, came on in 2007 and was a perfect match. Both of us have had the same experiences – especially during the infamous cowboy era of non-regulated casinos. Max and I have loads of stories to tell of the silly antics that some casinos (and players) would conjure up to rack up the Benjamins. Those stories will continue on our podcasts.

We have eight folks working behind the scenes here – not scores of people like our competitors – but eight. These happy few have given our competitors a run for their money – and we didn’t even have a marketing budget. So our success is something to be chuffed about.

What I am also chuffed about are the people I’ve connected with in the past twenty-six years of running this site. I know that many folks reading this have met lifelong friends via Casinomeister’s forum. Heck, we have had members enter love trysts and even go so far as marrying one other – after first meeting here in our forum.

I also can’t ignore the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have raised to help good causes through the years: the horrific tsunami in Thailand, the catastrophic Haitian earthquake, members in need, cancer drives, and even a charity drive for single mothers in the slums of Nairobi. This website has been behind positive, life-changing experiences for many folks – not just gamblers.

But I digress. Speaking of the here and now, it is time for me to move on – to leave my legacy here with you, with my community and my staff. I can say, without a doubt, that I have stood up to any opposition, never backed down, fessed up to my mistakes (when and if), ate crow on occasion — and had a lot of laughs along the way. Selling the company was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make in my entire life. This website has been my persona, my life, and my vision since that summer of 1998 — and I have stuck to my guns the entire time.

I am heartened to know that GiG is planning to provide the resources to enable Casinomeister to become what I always imaged it could be. I am very stoked about the future of Casinomeister (not to forget about GoneGambling – that’s part of the deal too). GiG and I go way back, to the very beginning of their company; myself and some of our forum members even visited their offices years ago in Malta, so there is a poetic sort of ambiance with this move.

I will still be here for the next few months, assisting in the transition and chiming in here and there. But there will come a day when I won’t be around anymore – as George Harrison once sublimely put it: “all things must pass”. And and so it goes…

So I am passing on my legacy and my labour of love to everyone reading these words. Please carry on the Casinomeister spirit with integrity, candour, love and good humour.


Feels like the end of an era. Bar Casinocity it's hard to think of a site that goes back to the "good old days" that hasn't been bought out by one of the iGaming giants. Been a fantastic journey and have met some great friends along the way. Hope the retirement goes well and thanks for all the memories Bryan.

Obviously still a few more to be made in Vegas of course :)

Thanks to Max too for everything he did. You couldn't have had a better partner alongside you IMO.
It's a sad day yet heartwarming at the same time. This is the one and only site I ever found that I really wanted to remain a member of, and one of the few that had the personal touch where we could meet and greet with the head honcho!

The people I met through CM have influenced and changed my life in a positive way while providing knowledge and education around the industry. Who'd have thought that by simply joining a forum I would end up working for some of them and then myself in the industry!

A top bloke with a lovely family (those who I have met in the past) and who also managed to find decent top people to accompany him on the journey of CM. Yep, Simmo, Dave, Max, Neil etc. :cheers:

So thanks for the last 26 years (or merely half of that when I've been part of it, seems like forever!) and I hope you enjoy your retirement from the site - you deserve it. Cheers Daz
Hope you are not like others and still work, daaaaaam you got the 3 big ones, you have time now to go play slots! LOL

You need a hobby and interests if you are retiring or you will get bored.

I hope to "retire" in the next year and changes and a new life which will hopefully open up playing slots more,haha.
Bryan, congratulations on not only your retirement but on building an incredibly successful site that has been around for DECADES! I believe you were the first to help innumerable players resolve their issues with the new-at-the-time online casino world, and helped even more avoid the also innumerable influx of scammy and dodgy sites with your reviews and warnings. You've done a great service to the player community with your hard work! You should be proud.

(I know I haven't posted here in a long time, and many people were wondering what happened to me. Nothing bad, just work and life got to be a bit overwhelming and I had to make a choice of where to focus my time and energy. Just had to step away from the forums for a while, so sorry for worrying my friends here! But hearing this news I had to stop by and say something.)

Enjoy your retirement, you've definitely earned it!
I have been a member of the Casinomeister family for a dozen years.
Although I have not been very active in recent years (multi-country professional life...), I have always tried to follow this forum.
I will also be retiring this year :).
Bryan, you must be proud for having created and developed Casinomeister website.
I wish you all the best for your retirement... you deserve it.
Just like Reddit, Casinomeister should have become a trusted training resource for Google and other search engines for their bots. Here is plenty of priceless information created by real people over two decades, and they could use a range of user experiences to base their suggestions for gambling searchers.

A the moment, their bots can only determine what's popular, but they don't understand whether a casino is actually good or bad.

Have a good one Bryan, all the best!
All the best: CM has, in a sea of web affiliated nonsense, had a certain sense of decorum about it. Not always agreed with some of the casinos, but you're free to critique them on here.

Been many awful casinos but it's brought players closer to some of the decent casinos and reps of those places (Jan/Mark at Lotto and many more) and enabled players free to lose their money at decent joints :)

Overall we're entering the fag end of online casinos - the wild west was, well, the wild west, but it was a bounty of 96% slots and bonus's - slightly sad thinking of where we are now.
Well, this sucks, lol. Happy for you, but sad for those of us here who wanted to talk about casino stuff ... with YOU. And Maxd and others on your staff, of course. This was the only place I trusted 100%.

You deserve this. Enjoy it! :)
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