Casino Zodiac, problems with withdrawal

Alexander Ab

Jul 12, 2023
I have been waiting for my withdrawal for a month now they closed my account where I can't go back in . just because I won and they keep giving me the run around passing me to other departments. I send 20 e mails out and they keep asking me to do the same thing again mental distress is at hand it is very depressing for me my wife and kids I need help asap . My e mail is *snip* it brought me into a financial struggle and drinking from depression


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First things first: I've removed your email address in order to protect your privacy. It's never a good idea to post these things in public.

Secondly: have you tried contacting the casino rep? She is @Renee_RA and can almost certainly help you get this resolved. You should send her a Private Message as that's the way she prefers to do these things. I'll let her know about your thread here and pass your email address on to her privately.

Max Drayman
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Okay, my understanding is that your withdrawals are being processed and should be with you shortly. If you could confirm once you've received those that would be appreciated.

- Max
@Alexander Ab , the casino people are asking that you respond to them ASAP. They want to pay you but you need to provide some information for that to happen. You need to respond to them for this to proceed.

- Max
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