WARNING Casino Ventura dirty tricks


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Jan 20, 2004
I've been struggling with Casino Ventura regarding a player's issue for several months now. The player was from Sweden, accessed the site in Swedish, had deposited in SEK, placed bets in SEK, and ended up winning SEK46,000+. However the casino denied the winnings on the grounds that the player's SEK50 bets converted to €5.13 when the maximum allowable bet was "€5,00 or its equivalent in any other currency."

We presented evidence that the casino's own promotional material routinely showed that their standard conversion rate for SEK-to-Euro was 10:1. The player said "I would also DEFINITELY claim that Casino Ventura goes by that multiple themselves since that is the multiple they use in other cases when they convert EUR to SEK. ... When I claimed their welcome bonus, which is 125% up to €125 I did in fact receive SEK1250 in bonus when I deposited SEK1000."

Even the Bonus Terms indicated as much: "min deposit 20 €-$-£, 200 SEK-NOK". When asked why the player's bets were being converted to Euros BEFORE applying the "max bet" Terms the casino's reply was "don't know what you mean, our communication is in euro".

The player produced evidence that they had deposited and played in SEK, not exceeding SEK50 bets. This was presented to the casino but they chose not to reply.

Warning: Casino Ventura is confiscating winnings on very unreasonable grounds. In particular they are using a fixed SEK:Euro 10:1 conversion rate on deposits and bonuses but current market exchange rates for individual bets (when it suits them to do so). This is underhanded trickery and players are advised to avoid this casino.

I have since learned from peer sites that Casino Ventura is guilty of a good number of other dodgy practices, as are several other casinos in their group (RCT Gaming).

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