Be Aware Casino Royale24 plays tricks with the Terms, confiscates winnings


Complaints (PAB) Manager
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This case came to us around mid year: the player's withdrawals totalling €6700 had been stalled and then cancelled. The casino eventually replied saying that the winnings had been denied because the player had exceeded daily deposit limits. The problem was that there was almost no chance the player could have known this: the "max deposit" clause isn't in standard Terms but is posted in an entirely different part of their site -- Banking -- and was not mentioned nor referenced in the Terms. Not cool.

BE AWARE: Casino Royale24 ( is confiscating player winnings on very shaky grounds: the Terms the player is expected to comply with are scattered around their site and the only way for players to protect themselves is to scan the entire site for relevant information. Players are advised to proceed with extreme caution if they choose to deposit at this casino.