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casino action!!!

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by scrollock, Dec 18, 2005.

    Dec 18, 2005
  1. scrollock

    scrollock Senior Member

    boro, uk
    seems like there is a bit of a bandwagon here, so is it ok if i jump on it ???

    basically i joined a couple of casino action casinos and left some funds in them (IIRC about £7 & £5) and i'm fully aware from when i joined up that after a certain amout of time ( 6months i think) my funds would be confiscated, which is fair enough as i knew that and agreed to those terms and conditions on signing up.

    however what i do find annoying is that i never recieved any emails from them in that time, then after my funds were confiscated i then start getting emails, news & promos as such.

    whereas other casino ive know have always taken the time to remind me that i have funds with them which i havn't played for a long time, let alone confiscate them ( i admit that is my own fault).

    if you are going to confiscate my funds, then you should at least delete my account, not try and get me back onboard, which is a silly thing since you have took my money!!!
  2. Dec 18, 2005
  3. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Dormant account

    my self
    i think its wrong that casinos do this period but yes i had 50 left in intercasino and forgot about it, every month of inactivity your balance goes down 2 dollars, i got an email saying it would go down another 2 dollars tommorow if i dont play, i did and lost

    but it was still nice of them, whats with casino action group, no real big complaints but sure is alot of em
  4. Dec 18, 2005
  5. jetset

    jetset RIP Brian CAG

    Senior Partner, InfoPowa News Service
    Jeeze that is pretty sleazy behaviour - the least this group could do before confiscating your cash (even after six months) is to try one final email and snail mail communication to your last-known address. The management here would seem to need to revisit their policies in this regard....and for that matter the check fee, too.
  6. Dec 19, 2005
  7. elscrabinda

    elscrabinda Experienced Member PABnorogue PABnoaccred

    Eek. That is below the belt. I found almost 2k a couple of months ago sitting in one of them which I easily could have forgotten about otherwise. I suppose I'll have to increase their transaction costs by making sure I withdraw after each and every game session in future. Serves them right.
  8. Dec 19, 2005
  9. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Jeeze!! C'mon now. It doesn't take a techno Einstein to set up an autosend to players whose accounts are dormant/being deleted. Some people need reminders.

    I could see a problem arising when players are using several email addresses (since some players do this quite often). But to use the same email address that was used to sign up and then deleted has a sleaze factor of about 10.

    C'mon casinos, get it together!
  10. Dec 20, 2005
  11. Casino Action

    Casino Action Dormant account

    Affiliate Manager
    Response from Casino Action

    Hi All,

    With response to this query, I can assure you that in no way do we confiscate the funds remaining in a dormant player account.

    Yes, the funds are removed after a certain time once an account has not been played in. With this removal of funds, an automatic email is certainly sent out advising player of the removal and encouraging them to return and play or cashin the balance.

    The player can at anytime ask for that balance back and we will happily credit their account.

    However, please bear in mind that sometimes emails from casinos do not reach our players due to spam filters and the like.

    In this instance, players are more than welcome to contact us and we will gladly refund the amounts.

    VIP Services,
    Casino Action.
  12. Dec 20, 2005
  13. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Dormant account

    my self
  14. Dec 20, 2005
  15. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    Fairs fair

  16. Dec 27, 2005
  17. SlickWilly

    SlickWilly Dormant account

    New York State
    Point of logic here. If a player can ask for the balance back at any time and you will happily credit their account, then why CONFISCATE it all?

    I use confiscate here deliberately because it seems to me CA is either hoping that the player doesn't know they can get it back or doesn't ask for it back.

    Either way Casino Action is taking money that does not belong to them. What an absurd and dishonest practice. This akin to a bank hoping that you will forget about your checking account balance for a few months and then empyting your account when you're not looking. This is not acceptable for a bank and should not be acceptable for a casino.

    While I commend CA for responding here I would ask for clarity concerning confiscation of these funds at all.

  18. Dec 27, 2005
  19. spearmaster

    spearmaster RIP Ted

    Devil's Advocate
    CasinoAction -

    I strongly urge you to reconsider an absolutely ridiculous policy.

    Banks don't remove money from people's account when they don't write a check for a few years - and then make them ask for the money back. Neither does Paypal, or a credit card company, Neteller, or just about EVERY other casino out there.

    Just what in the world were you thinking???

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