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Jan 19, 2006
I have played and played and played at Bodog, and yet have never, ever been more than about $100 up. I usually play slots at between .40 and $1 per spin. I play multiple deposits on some days, several days per week. I always get the feeling that I am going to be wiped out fast within the first $20 or so that I lose each session. I love their games, but I feel like I should just flush my money down the toilet for all the good it does me to play here! I've emailed Bodog about the lack of any success ever there, and they usually throw me a few bones that I play back to them in very short order. Bottom line, accredited or not, you are throwing away money playing at this site. I feel about Bodog now the way many players here describe 32Red, great service, great reputation, no winners!!! (or a select very few anyway). Keep your "sympathy" comps bodog and next time you want to comp me, just mail me a check!!!
I've cashed out many times at Bodog, but I don't usually play slots. I play VP there and their paytables are very good.
I'm glad someone is winning, but it just seems that I am rarely ever even above my starting balance, and when I do get a little ahead, I may as well kiss it good bye! Starting to think there is no chance there for me!! I also play their video poker and have found that it is very streaky. I will get up a few bucks, and then the cold spell sets in for the long cold winter!!!
That reminds me of Sci Fi casino, I played there many many times and lost everytime I played no matter what I played.

Got a new computer and downloaded the software and made a nice profit. :D
all i play are slots at bodog. i started off great by winning a random jackpot. my experience was so nice that i have been playing there rather than signing up for other rgt casinos that have much better bonuses. i hate the idea of hitting a great win and the first thought is "will i get paid?" Don't have to worry about that at Bodog's.

so far, the only game i play is cleopatra's gold and all i can say is that it plays far better than vegas or the indian casinos im close too. and also, they keep giving me money into my account depending on how much i play... never have to ask for it.

i haven't done great my last session, but that depends on how you look at it. my $200 deposit has lasted forever and i've had a great time playing. im going to vegas this weekend, and i doubt $200 will last me more than a few hours, lol. i got the $200 deposit to $340 playing .40 and $1, but my finger kept pushing the button :)

if you continue to play there, i hope u have better luck. IMO, i think Bodog's is great and if u do ever get really lucky, you can smile and know that you will be paid in a day or two...
Hmmm ... losing money playing slots.

Thats what playing slots is all about isnt it? My only advice would be dont play slots anywhere. Its a losing game Im afraid.
Glad to see that there is hope guys!! Henry, I also play their video poker as well and find it to be very streaky. Win a little, lose alot, win, win, win, then Lose, lose LOOOOOOSSSSSSEEEE! I am glad that they pay prompty, hope I have a chance to find out soon!!!
Pacers - you might try their "Pick'em Poker" game. According to the Wizard of Odds, played perfectly it has a house advantage of only 0.05%.

He's got a strategy page here:
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By way of reference, that's 1/100th of the HA in slots.
paul02085 said:
Hmmmm, losing money playing VP. Guess what. Its a losing game also im afraid (in most cases). :)

Ever attend a Bob Dancer seminar on VP, or read one of his books? Playing perfect strategy on certain paytables can actually assure a slight PLAYER edge.

I've read some of his strategies, and some of them are quite sophisticated, and actually require some work on the part of the player (analysis, memorization). He essentially uses a decision-tree approach to VP, maximizing return while minimizing loss. You should check it out sometime.
I always thought VP gave better odds, Paul, what do you play, BJ exclusively??? I just get too bored playing blackjack after about the 20th hand.
tennis_balls said:
oh puhleeeeeeze!

Bob Dancer is a tool!

Ok - support your claim then.

Dancer bases his scenarios on pay tables and probability - he freely admits that VP is "work", and that VP players need to really seek and master games to beat the house edge.

And YOU are saying he is a "tool" because...?:)

(nice call on Ljubicic, btw... hopefully you were betting on him to LOSE)

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