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Aug 21, 2019
Hi All

Several weeks ago my Leo account got locked mid play. I had the usual email asking for verification docs (fair enough). I've waited about 3 weeks now which I think is a fair amount time. I've spoken to CS but they just tell me to wait for the relevant department to email me back. If I had no money in my account I wouldn't be that bothered, but there's about £98 left in it and crucially a devil grind on 36 hearts!

Could @LeoVegas Rep have a quick gander and let me know when it's likely to be resolved?



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@SlotsBlogger , I've marked this as "Attn Casino Rep", might help get this seen.

If you find you need any assistance on this please don't hesitate to ask. And the PAB process is there if you need it.

- Max
They usually do this when you've hit some kind of monthly limit. Its a limit often not imposed by the player but by the casino. As you are in the UK its not unexpected if this limit is pretty low if you've gone through it early in the month.
:( Obv no response from the rep. We've received the PAB and will pursue that avenue to get this settled.

- Max
Good afternoon sir personally I would try this I joined respecting the terms and conditions with regards to players expectations I had a good read and read the terms and agreement of the Expectations from the site what you expect and what they state then go on to say there was no mention of this length of time for a player to receive withdrawal upon everything being fine with verification but at the same time if they do try to say regarding verification your grounds would be united Kingdom gambling commission clearly state when a player joins if any documents are needed it should be asked they're and then they cannot delay things with regards to verification simply on the ground for you to withdraw when this could have been asked for earlier demand payment within 24 hours or ask them for final response and take to the alternative dispute resolution 24 hours you'll have your payment otherwise it's pure breach of their terms

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