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Feb 13, 2009
Vancouver, Canada
I have played at over 25 online casinos since 2002 from party casino, Ladbrokes, 32red, Intercasino, betway, 888 casino, Wild casino, luxury casino, golden tiger, Nedplay, jackpot city, royal Vegas, betat, guts, energy casino, and many many more that I can’t remember, but bitstarz by far has kept me going back every time.
the fast withdrawals which in some instances are instant, the support from chat, the support from Olle which is also instant and 24/7 which I don’t know when he sleeps, the bonuses and the RTP which for me has been so so impressive, but most importantly, the trust and integrity of Olle. I don’t work for Bitstarz, i don’t get anything for giving my feedback but I have been hurt by so many casinos in the past (active PAB so can’t say the name) that makes me want to praise the one and only casino that I trust 130%. Well done Bitstarz and Olle!!!!! Please don’t change!!!!!! Lol
Bitstarz is an award winning casino at Casinomeister
Nobody does it better than @BitStarz
Olle is the GREATEST!

well said @mina888

Bitstarz, please don't let your website, (which is growing exponentially with new players) change the ways you operate. You guys ARE the best thing next to a land based casino there is with next to instant cash-outs.

I'm waiting for the day that Bryan knocks N1 Casino off 1st place in CM rankings and replaces them with Bitstarz. Customer service and instant cash-outs trumps all things IMO... Curacao smurico.
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I do not agree. Everytime i try to withdraw. I have to go through a verification hell. Same paper mill ,but within the last three months and so on . So my withdrawals always get delayed about 12 hrs . Now they have given me only neosurf and minfinty as a deposit option. I want to use my visa .
He was number one for me too, he is no longer number one now.
In 2018 I think I have deposited 4/5 times with the bonus and they have excluded me from any promotion,
and I could also understand it, among other things I did not deposit regularly.
But since March 2020 I deposit every month regularly, in total I have made about 70 deposits with a monthly average
near to 1k and I am still excluded from any promotion.
I already wrote to Olle months ago and in chat to no avail, definitely not a fair treatment for a loyal player.
Downgraded on my list.
So many games, so many chances to find cold games. It's a place that I love even tho I haven't cashed once but the selection is really fun, but I have never had that moment where the casino gives back. So I had to put that place on hiatus. The gambling world I get can land some huge hits on these games and people bash RTG , but I have consistently made money off rtg and these other big flashy companies are cold as fuck 99% of the time , least for me they are
Bitstarz is an award winning casino at Casinomeister

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