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Nov 30, 2018
I recently saw that Foxy Casino was taken over by Electra Works, Fairly well known Casino network and re-named it Foxy Games.
I had previously had an account with Party Casino, which is a sister casino of the newly established Foxy Games.
The Party Casino account was closed about a month or two back and was just told it was over management decision.
Two days ago i signed up to Foxy Games as i saw it was no longer under its previous network and wanted to deposit and claim the first welcome offer.
Beforehand, i contacted live support, and i asked a number of questions, i first told the agent that my account at Party Casino was closed and asked if he could check if i was eligible to play at the Casino and also if i was eligible to receive the welcome bonus,I am based in Ireland, so after he confirmed i could have the welcome bonus i said where i was located and he told me that ireland was included in the promotion.
I then told him i would physically need to go out and get a Paysafecard voucher in order to deposit and he said to do so!,
I then went out and walked to purchase the voucher for the deposit, and proceeded to make the payment.
The moment the deposit completed. The account was immediately frozen, asked for details for verification, i sent them immediately, and then was told by a seperate agent that i was NOT eligible for the welcome bonus and that my account has been closed due to management decisions, i was baffled and frustrated because the first agent ( which i have included the screenshots of the chat below) told me lies to make me deposit.
And now comes the most annoying and ridiculous part.
They are refusing to refund my deposit via Paysafecard, when i first asked for the refund i was told by an agent that i needed a UK bank account in order for a manual cashout.
Luckily my bank is with Monese which is UK based but works for the Eurozone in general. so i left all my details and to find an email the following morning stating that my cashout cannot be sent to a UK bank account because i am in Ireland... i've had every withdrawl from a casino sent to said account over 20 withdrawls with other sites with no issue whatsoever, i was then told the only was i can receive my refund is if i have an irish bank account which i dont possess nor require.they then also offered me PayPal as a refund option which i said that is perfect and gave my PayPal details, only to find another email the few hours later stating that they wont do a PayPal refund because im in Ireland.. i then was given the same template again saying i needed an Irish Bank Account in order to get my money back. they then offered Moneybookers(Skrill) as an option, and i didnt have a Skrill ready or opened to use, so i asked if they are allowing Skrill can they do it through Neteller which is essencially the same service, i was told no, only moneybookers or Irish bank account. So i then created a moneybookers account and gave the information and now im told the only option is Bank in Ireland.... they are litterally stealing my funds and im not sure what steps to take against this, as its ridiculous business to make false promises before depositing and then to put the player through such an ordeal.. Is there anyone here who could help me?
I have never witnessed anything more frustrating in my entire life playing at over 150+ sites Capture.PNGCapture.PNGCapture2.PNGCapture3.PNG :(
Hey mate,

You can contact @maxd and begin a ‘Pitch A Bitch’ (known as PAB) process if you’ve exhausted all possible avenues without a positive outcome and require end support. He’s the complaints manager here and will advise of the necessary steps to launch your case.

A small tip though, please try and use paragraphs when you post, especially if you’re providing a lot of information. I found it a bit painful reading through....

Hope that helps, good luck!
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Ahh yes, the PAB. A great service provided but it's not called 'Pitch A Bitch' anymore sadly :p

It's Player Arbitration.......(Broker? Bibble?).......something. Just for the record

Ah cool, I’m a little out of touch. Cheers buddy ;)
Ahh yes, the PAB. A great service provided but it's not called 'Pitch A Bitch' anymore sadly :p

It's Player Arbitration.......(Broker? Bibble?).......something. Just for the record
the b deoesnt stand for anything :)

Player Arbitration :)
Oh, so why not call it PA?
probably because everyone knows it as PAB and rolls off the tongue better
But 'Pitch-A-Bitch' was discarded to give it a more proffesional sound,
Yup, "PAB" came from the old days when it was Pitch-A-Bitch.
These days that name is pretty much a turn-off so the old "PAB moniker" -- which everyone knew and we were loath to part with -- got shoe-horned in around a new name, Player ArBitration.
Not exactly a choice fit but it does the job.

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