Baccarat attack strategy : does it work?


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Feb 28, 2020
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There are many basic Baccarat techniques you can find online, but there is one effective strategy tried and tested and by Baccarat experts!

The Baccarat attack strategy requires players to increase the amount of wagers depending on the game situation. It may seem a little complex to follow but you can easily learn it, especially if you’re familiar with the basic game rules.

How to use Baccarat attack?

Based on the unique process of slicing and dicing the baccarat game into smaller segments, baccarat attack follows a set of tactics called ‘Attack, Retrench and Win’. This technique believes in good timing. According to the book, baccarat attack requires you to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike instead of continuously hiking up your wagers.

For higher chances of winning, you have to “Attack” once you’re in a winning mode. Consequently, if you’re experiencing a losing streak, you have to retreat and go back to wagering small amounts. This will ensure that you won’t suffer huge losses.

Using this baccarat technique also makes use of the Trend-Anti-Trend betting system. For this, you have to start in a neutral mode. Once you set your first wager, this technique will decide whether you will proceed with “Attack” or the “Retrenchment” mode.

You have to remember that using this game tactic requires you to increase bets for every round. Whether you’re on “Attack” or “Retrenchment” mode, you have to build up your wagers. Additionally, to effectively use the baccarat attack strategy, you have to change your bets depending on the progress of the game.

Baccarat attack strategy review - does it work?

According to Greg Fletcher’s book, incorporating this technique can generate at least a 93.75% win rate. Additionally, implementing attack techniques increases your chances of winning because it allows you to wager on higher stakes. It also ensures that you can make up for your losses if you take home astounding payouts.

Can anyone use the baccarat attack strategy?

Baccarat attack strategy is an effective tactic you can use, especially if you want to secure high payouts in baccarat. It may not be as easy as the other strategies, but you can still master it, especially if you already know the game mechanics.

Baccarat strategies are only effective if you have the money to make up for your losses and if you win. As always, when it comes to casino games, there are no guaranteed returns. What the attack strategy does is solve this by making you wager on different modes, which gives you higher chances of winning.

The baccarat attack strategy features four bet types that you can make use of:

* Starter Bet - This type of bet requires you to place the entry wager amount in order for you to join the game. The amount depends on the type of baccarat you’re playing.

* Trigger Bet - The trigger bet is the wager you place after the starter bet. You need to double the amount of the starter bet for this. For example, if the starter bet you placed is $3, you need to wager $6 for the trigger bet.

* Attacking Bet - The attacking bet is where the fun part starts. If you succeed in the trigger bet, you will transition to this mode. You have to increase and lower your wagers in a certain order. You have to start with half of the amount of the trigger bet then slowly work your way up as long as you have a winning streak.

* Retrenchment Bet - You have to shift to the retrenchment bet once you lose in the trigger bet or attack bet. To do this bet, you have to increase your wagers continuously. Add the starter bet to all your bets, respectively.

How much can you expect to win using the baccarat attack strategy?

According to Fletcher’s handbook, if you’re playing online baccarat with a minimum wager, you can take home an estimated amount of $2,000 a day. You can still increase this as long as you’re consistent with your gameplay.

How about you, have you used any strategy in baccarat?

Cheers ;)
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I know that there is no right answer to the Baccarat strategy.
Also, I think you're right that the strategy is not accepted in that game.
When playing baccarat i tend to use a type of "trend" strategy. Works good but requires a longer learning curve.
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