Axe Casino, perhaps CM could revisit the review?


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Apr 19, 2024
I've not long joined here but I feel I must write about this particular casino.
It's listed in 'neutral'... so yes, buyer beware but being an Aussie we're limited as to where we can play. I've played at few I've found here and they've been quite ok.
This one... Axe Casino... not so much.

It's very similar to others that allow Aussies... same layout, same games but with stark differences.
1. You can't talk in chat without going through the bot rubbish first.
2. No one, and I mean no one, replies to emails that allegedly are sent from 'support'.
3. When making a withdrawal I got emails saying I couldn't withdraw because I wasn't fully verified but according to my account I was confirmed as being such. See point 2.
4. Quite a few jackpot games are not available even though the rest of the particular software provider's games are.
5. After finally receiving my withdrawal (only $100 more than what I had deposited) I returned to play and found that just about every game I'd previously played had been bet limited if I'd won free spins or the bonus round.
6. I got on chat again about this (see point 1) and the rep kept posting answers that were not related to my issue, plus, the language changed from English to various other languages so I couldn't understand what he was writing.

I had both chat transcripts sent to me.

I'm prepared to lose... that's the nature of gambling... but this casino seems very off and I suggest that perhaps it should be reviewed again.
Hello @Marley4Ever , I'll pass your suggestion on to the Content team. It looks like the review is relatively recent though so a re-do might have to wait its turn in the queue.

- Max
In all the years I've played I have rarely taken a bonus. I prefer to play with my own money.
That way if I lose then it's entirely up to me.

The rep from Axe Casino just now on chat tried to convince me that I had a bonus to play.

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