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Jun 24, 2001
Could the Fourtunelounge VP who often comes to this board to sort out problems please answer a question to do with their sister casino Havana Club?

Do wagering requirements carry over at this casino if you have lost both the sign up bonus and deposit?
I know they void wagering if you lose everything at the proper FL casinos, but I lost everything on the sign up at Havana and now have some customer support guy telling me I need to wager thousands more to cashin a tiny $20 bonus.

Isn't it enough for these guys that they had my bankroll once?

I know Vegas Towers, one of your other sister casinos voids wagering if you have a zero balance, but I just want to know if this support guy is right, or yanking my chain?
bjlady: Thank you for your questions.

If you lost your sign up bonus and deposit (and therefore reached a zero balance) you will be able to cash in on your next purchase, providing you did not receive a bonus on that purchase.

The information you received was incorrect. If you lost everything after having received your sign-up bonus, there are no further wagering requirements on the bonus you received. Wagering requirements will only be in effect again on purchases and bonuses thereafter.

If you ever feel that you are receiving incorrect information, please ask to speak to the Floor Manager on duty who will be able to assist you.

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Thank-you for the information, and the advice. I'm really glad you visit Casinomeister, at least if players feel they're getting a deaf ear they can ask you for advice.

Anyway, the support staff claimed that I hadn't reached a zero balance at first, although I had and had kept it at zero for a week before depositing and playing with my own money.

In the end, when I copied and pasted my last playcheck transaction, customer support apologised. Thank goodness for playcheck.

I still feel though that if I'd been new to online gaming, I could have easily been persuaded to gamble much more. It is hard to believe all staff don't know the rules or are making mistakes such as I've read at Casinomeister.
It should be easy to tell if a player has had a zero balance, especially if they don't redeposit for some days I would have thought.

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