ASG Technologies Ltd Karamba / Hopa / Betiton etc - does this sum up the state of the industry ??


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Aug 16, 2004
I would like to share my experiences of the ASG Technologies group firstly as a warning to others and also to illustrate what I think sums up the state of the industry for UK Gamblers as it stands.

Opened an account with " Betiton " and after losing approx £3000 asked for a £4100 cash out - I was then asked for the " usual " documents however they all seemed far more intrusive than the usual requests - I ended up giving them ID, front / back of cards, personal bank statements showing the deposits to Betiton and then finally business bank statements showing the income in and then sent to my personal bank account which I then used to deposit to Betiton.

I was then asked for a copy of my payslip or tax returns (!!) - I explained that I was self-employed and had left my job around 6 months ago and set up my own business and my tax return was, therefore, was not due for many months and frankly I didn't see the relevance bearing in mind I had clearly demonstrated proof of funds / ID etc etc.

Over the next few months (!!) Betiton essentially ignored my emails , they have no telephone support etc and in all honesty, the whole process is just so time-consuming and dibalitating that it makes you want to give up which let's face it is probably their aim in the first place !!!

What I then realised was that other casinos in their group - Hopa / Karamba I had gambled with and incredibly HAD paid me - I of course explained this to Betiton with no response from them - nothing - totally ignored my emails and of course, still owed me £4100.00

9 months later (!!) I completed my tax return and of course, sent off a copy to Betiton and this is the incredible part - they then asked me to supply recent bank statements for losses at " Casino Luck " !!!! Now I never realised that Casino Luck was part of the same group as Betiton and bearing in mind how disgustingly I had been treated by them the absolute LAST place I would play was one of their casinos however I had and also lost around £4K !!! How can they seriously delay a withdrawal from one casino ( which I have waited 9 months for !!! ) on the basis they want documentation for another casino that I am not withdrawing from !!!!

So this is the bottom line if you are a UK Gambler - a casino can refuse to pay your withdrawal on the basis that they are not satisfied with the documents you have given them HOWEVER that same casino group is quite happy for you to gamble away thousands to them with no documentation ?? Does this seem fair ??

I have had it time and time again - you lose thousands and thousands and then when you want to withdraw you are asked for documentation but in the case of this group the documentation asked for was so ridiculous that it allows them to not pay you ??

Surely it's going to get to the stage where people are just simply going to stop gambling online ??? How can it be legal for a casino to take your money and then refuse to pay you on the basis that they are not satisfied with the documents you give them ?? What makes it all the more frustrating is that they hide behind " affordability " checks etc which let's be honest if the intention was to stop people gambling what they can't afford then why not ask for the documents BEFORE you gamble and how does delaying your withdrawal possibly help anyone who is gambling beyond their means ???

In terms of my Betiton withdrawal incredibly my account has now been " put on hold " due to " security checks " - you couldn't make it up - I wish they had put my Casino Luck account on hold before I lost £4K !!!!!

Apologies for the long rant but I am sure others have had similar experiences and if anyone knows anyone who works for this casino group and could help me of course. I would be most grateful !!!!!! Also where is the best place to actually complain about my treatment as surely they cannot behave like this and keep getting away with it ???

Many thanks in advance for any help / advice anyone could give me ??

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I know exactly how you feel, there's nothing more frustrating than a casino withholding your winnings whilst they take ages to undertake these checks.

A casino recently requested docs from me, one of the requests was to take a selfie, so I replied do they want me to hold a copy of today's newspaper too? To which they replied yes! hahaha

Rob :)
Thanks so much Colin - they are part of Hopa Casino , Karamba etc - I made the withdrawal early July when they asked for ID , banks statements etc which I sent them - they then asked for payslips/tax return which i couldn't send them as I had started my own business - I did send them both my personal and business bank statements though - as i say what makes it all the more unfair / frustrating was that I was able to open an account / lose £4K with another casino of theirs - Casino Luck with no problems at all while they had failed to process my cashout for 9 months !!!!

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