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Jun 15, 2019
Hi there, sorry for such a confusing and lengthy first post. I'm registered on GamStop due to my gambling addiction and I'm facing issues with two accounts on Karamba.

The first of which I set up despite having excluded from BetRegal in October 2018 and having it confirmed this should be in place for all AG Communications sites. I have made a complaint to them about this though this has been rejected and I've been informed I'll receive no refunds.

The second is more complicated and I accept this is due to my stupidity and desperation in the throws of addiction. This has also been rejected for refund, though I feel there are significant reasons as to why the deposits should be refunded.

Sorry for the long winded post and I must stress I do accept responsibility here for setting up this account in my partners details, though I do think Karamba have major failings in regards to their responsible gambling policies and attitudes to self exclusion.

Below is the timeline of the account and activities -

Friday afternoon - I opened an account using my partners details, I am a self excluded customer therefore I would have been unable to use my own details. The payment method was registered to my email address and is in my name, the address is my address, the IP address also should be a direct match.
After placing a number of bets documentation was provided for the account, my partners driving licence and also my driving licence. There was also a letter provided confirming deposit from my account.
Friday evening/early Saturday morning - Further deposits made, leading to further losses. Self exclusion email uploaded to account Nic2609 and email sent to support from my personal email which was linked to an excluded account advising that I was able to set up another account.

Saturday morning - In the throws of addiction and chasing losses (from both my excluded account and the account set up in the name of my partner using my payment details). Karamba make contact by email advising they have tried to phone the made up phone number to verify the account - no mention of the exclusion email which was uploaded or the email sent from my account. In addition Karamba also made contact by email to my first account registered with a promotional material - an attempt to try tempt an excluded customer to gamble?

Further deposits were then made before contact made to live chat advising account set up in partners name - account closed and request for refunds sent to management.

Saturday evening - Live chat adviser explains it is against the rules to set up an account in someone else's name and advised this is why the account was shut down, on asking if it would be the case that the deposits would be refunded I was told I would hear within 48 hours.

Sunday afternoon - Email sent explaining why I set up an account using my partners details, explained my addiction and struggles. Also advised I was aware that accounts set up in another name are closed down automatically - I knew there was zero chance of winning, but addiction doesn't allow for logical thinking.

Monday afternoon - Live chat adviser Anabelle states - 'I believe they will find a fair solution for this case as we highly value well being of our Players and care about working in compliance to gaming regulation rules.'

Wednesday afternoon - Brief email sent stating that due to the account being set up under different names (plural?), there would be no refund given. There was not one single mention of the significant information provided in relation to this matter.

The short reply leads me to believe there was never any sort of intention to refund my monies and the duty of care has simply been ignored. Especially considering the various factors mentioned in my email.
  • Payment method and email address on payment method exactly the same
  • Home address the same
  • Driving licence the same
  • IP address the same
  • Exclusion email uploaded
  • Email sent from personal account, Karamba followed up afterwards but didn't reply to my email about this.
  • Promotional emails continue to be sent.

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