Poll Are you spending more or less on gambling during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Are you spending more on gambling during the Covid-19 lockdown?

  • Yes, I am spending a lot more than usual on online gambling.

    Votes: 77 19.2%
  • Yes, I am spending a little more than usual on online gambling.

    Votes: 84 20.9%
  • I am spending about the same on online gambling.

    Votes: 147 36.7%
  • I am spending less than usual on online gambling.

    Votes: 93 23.2%

  • Total voters
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Jan 30, 2017
I think mine is less, more so as lately I can't get a break to even have play time so got on with my garden, painting my fence, having a clear out and redecorating - oh and enjoying the sunshine from my back garden :)


®Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?
Apr 28, 2004
Went to the beach for walks..the ocean brings a breath of fresh air. played Farmville2: Country Eascape on Microsoft..abit more now.


เ๓ ค Ŧคภςץ ๒єคг
Mar 2, 2019
No lockdown here, but ive been self-isolating since around the 7-21st because i had a fever and a bit of a cough.
Doubt it was covid-related but who knows.

Ran of out batteries in my pin-generator i need to use my internet bank around that time, so ive not been gambling much at all, tho i would have if i could.
No more than usual tho, i always keep a strict budget.

Besides, theres so much else to do.
Like baking, and going to the fridge and if you are still bored (haha yeah right) dont worry, the fridge becomes fun again after 30 minutes of not checking it.


As far as pandemics go, it has been alright so far i guess.
4/10 Honeyjars
Would not recommend.


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Apr 3, 2015
I had removed deposit limits (now back in place) and went on a bit of a bender for a couple of weeks recently, but also recorded some super wins and am actually in profit over this period. So yes, depositing loads more, but equally I have withdrawn a lot more!


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Apr 13, 2020
deposit same,a see a lot of more offers from casino they spamming my email...try to make me deposit for some stupid free spin not worth at all, 100 spins sound good but bets are like £0.10,if they asking me to deposit £100 and I get 100 spins £10 worth of spins and they make you do wagering if you win on free spins,a lot of casino also use tricks with free spins and is max bet limit if you ever win,...Aspers casino send bonus like 200% 300% but they make wager you deposit and bonus money,stay safe and stay away from big bonus they sound to good


Staff member
May 29, 2004
Like Goatie mentioned, there are quite many other things than gambling in internet these days where can spend some time if bored. Never been playing very long slot sessions either, getting bored to them as well quite fast, hard to imagine myself to play whole day or night.
Porn site visits have rocketed apparently :D

In general, gambling operators I have spoken to seem to be reporting a slight increase but think personally , while people may have more time to play, they will probably be a bit more careful with the amounts.

What is interesting is that with no sports betting events, poker and eSports have seen an increase in interest.


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
That's the question - due to the fact that you are more than likely stuck at home, are you spending more or less now on online gambling?

Are you gambling more with a decreased bankroll? Or have you increased your bankroll and are betting more than usual? Whatever the answer is, why? Is it out of boredom? Are you using the money you'd be spending on gas at the casinos? Has the lockdown affected your gambling behaviour?

There seems to be a growing concern from the main stream media - and from the politicians that follow it - that people are throwing caution to the wind and blowing their savings out of being bored stuck at home. What say you?
I am spending more than usual, but my luck has been more than usual for a bit, starting pre social distancing. Even before borders closed, I was aware that traveling and airports carried risks.

I love to travel. Health has kept me home for a bit. End of January, cancer clinic felt they did not need to see me for six months. I began watching trip prices, but Feb and March are the highest for sun. Early in Feb it was apparent travel was ill advised.

So gambled a little more rather than spend it, and won more.

I have less now than early March, but way more than end of January or February.

Home improvement as an alternative can't really happen either at this point.

I do have lots of alcohol however. It is one thing easy to order and get delivered.

So for me it is lack of better options for spending it rather than dipping into savings.

I have been able to be a little more generous than usual however.


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
Hi Folks:

Never really gamble much online. Having a great time! Yes, me and many other Canadians are spending time online! I have been on 7 site so far … want to communicate my finding as I explore! I can't believe how far money goes as you can play for days with a small investment. Some nice wins, and no problem getting my cashback and making they payout that 30xor 40x bonus money! LUCKY when that happens! It has happened twice so far!

/\/\/\/\ the Shamus /\/\/\/\
Proposed June meetup with you and others was set aside a bit ago, that was spent online.

I used to go landbased a lot, but I have come to resent the terrible RTP at our landbased.


Newbie member
Jan 4, 2020
I recently changed a casino platform, which actually should give me the same game experience (according to RTP), but somehow this isn't working. Usually I would play more from winnings, but lately it just doesn't happen.
I'm still working, and even if most of the time I'm working from home, my work load is the same as before (plus wife and 2 children ).
The pressure is much bigger and the need of forgetting the reality, too, so I decided to put a deposit limit, which I did and it works fine. It's just the thing that I wish I could win something so the play time could be longer and more exciting. But... never mind.


Full Member
Apr 25, 2020
Similar to others here, I have definitely noticed I have binged a bit. Its money I would have used in this time for Golf/Cinema/Pubs/Backing a few horses, so no biggy. It's all money I write off for entertainment.
It is helping stave off the boredom but I am also aware to make sure I don't do it every day or become somewhat dependent on it.

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