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Lindsay David

Apr 28, 2022
Calgary ab
Hi, my name is lindsay, i just recently made an account with arcane bet casino as of last night. I was also fully verified by casino by sending in 3 documents for my identity. I sent in my ID, PROOF OF ADDRESS AND BANK STATEMENT. I than continued playing as i won very big last night. $5600 to be exact. I made 3 withdrawals for $1000, $3800, and lastly $800. Which were all being processed. I took screenshots of them. I than decided to give the casino a break and log out. 2 hours later i try to log in to find out ARCANE CASINO closed my online casino account without informing me. I than read an email stating that they closed my account for having multiple accounts????? Which is completly false. I was trying to explain my phone was lost months ago when a friend told me she found a phone in her house that could belong to me. Thankfully it was my phone. I than had to deal with fraud team here in calgary as my whole phone was taken over by whomever was using my phone. They got into my banks, online social media, facebook, instagram, work emails, emails in general, skip, online purchases even online casinos. Whoever took my phone had easy access getting into my phone because at the time i did not have a passcode set. Now dealing with the fraud team here in calgary i regained everything that i thought i lost that night. Last night was the FIRST AND ONLY time i have signed up for arcane bet casino.

When i tried to explain to the support staff at arcane casino they said there decsion was final. They closed my account and voided my $5600 that i earned with pure honesty. I was asking them how can the casino confirm that those other accounts belonged to me if they were never verified by me??? Meaning someone used my details and signed up. I asked the casino for proof of these so called accounts that were signed up by me but no response, all they sent me were random names by people??? Literally no response besides its a final decsion on there end!?!? I have proof of my real identity being verified last night by arcanebet casino. i have proof of my winnings being processed as i took screenshots of al three withdrawals. I demand my honest winings back! I am innocent. Please help me i did not break any rules nor have i abused any circumstances.


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I-Gaming Industry Representative
May 1, 2022
Hi all,

It's a pleasure making our first official post here, albeit the circumstances could have been better. We are indeed a Curaçao-licensed casino, but we should hope not the Cure-a-cow clip joint Dunover is expecting us to be! :)

We could make a bigger post here sharing some insights into who we are and what we stand-for (and how we have been doing so far, given we’ve been live for more than 3 years now), but we do not want to barge-in here and promote ourselves because a) we have not been invited to do so by a Casinomeister representative and we’re unsure if this is therefore appropriate to start with and b) before the complaint above is resolved it is somewhat senseless, as actions always speak louder than words.

The reason we did create this account is to just publicly let the readers know that every confiscation is properly documented as part of our standard operating procedures, and we have no issues sending over that documentation and proof to the Casinomeister crew.

Fraud (including bonus abuse) is a multi-million dollar industry and the only way to survive is to have a zero tolerance policy against those seeking to abuse. The only way in which we can offer our services around fast KYC and fast withdrawals to genuine players is by not allowing the few to ruin it for the many. The above was a clear-cut case and the evidence leaves no doubt.

We are avid fans ourselves of this forum and what it stands for, so even though we have never publicly announced our intentions to be listed, we want to ensure we remain in good-standing. We're confident Casinomeister will see the OP for what he / she is and will not allow their forum to be used for blackmailing purposes.

Should there by any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

Team arcanebet


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Jun 30, 1998
Hi Arcanebet - welcome to the forum :thumbsup:

I will PM you info about posting as a casino rep here in a few moments. :D

@Lindsay David - we have a casino rep here to assist, so I would recommend that you submit a PAB as soon as possible - like today, so that we can help you resolve this issue. Thanks!

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