anyone who knows how to play badugi? just want to know if i really lost these hands


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Jan 31, 2003
i was playing a badugi tournament real money at carbon poker
time 20:30
$2.20 buy in
and lost in these games where i thought i was the winner?

hand no. 63762973-14

herlis1 Shows 3h,Ah,4d,2d
KALBLAST Shows 5s,2h,4c,Ad
KALBLAST Won 1750.00 from Pot 1 with Badugi, 5-4-2-A
herlis1 Won 45.00 from Pot 2 with Two Cards, 2-A

hand no. 63762715-46

herlis1 Shows 6s,2d,Ah,3s
KALBLAST Shows Td,2s,3c,4h
KALBLAST Won 3610.00 from Pot 1 with Badugi, T-4-3-2
herlis1 Won 220.00 from Pot 2 with Three Cards, 3-2-A
Basic Strategy
The object of the game is to make a Badugi - a four-card low hand with four different suits, and no pairs. The best possible starting hand therefore is 4-3-2-A (with each card a different suit).
Badugi hands are ranked by their highest card, with aces always playing as a low card, and straights ignored. A player holding 9-8-4-3 of different suits (a ‘Nine Badugi’) would lose to an opponent holding 8-7-3-2 (an ‘Eight Badugi’) of different suits. Likewise, 6-3-2-A (a ‘Six Badugi’) would lose to 5-4-3-2 (a ‘Five Badugi’). If the top cards in the hand are tied, then the next-highest card is considered, and so on. Therefore, a 6-5-4-A (a ‘Six-Five Badugi’) would lose to a 6-4-3-2 (a ‘Six-Four Badugi’).
If a hand reaches showdown and no player has a Badugi, the player with the best three-card or two-card hand wins the pot. For example, if you hold 6h-4d-3s-Ah, you have two hearts, so the highest one is ignored, leaving a 4-3-A-x. That hand is known as a ‘Three Card Four’, and would lose to any Badugi, but it would beat 7h-5d-4d-3s (the highest diamond is ignored, making a ‘Three Card Seven’, 7-4-3-x),. All three-card hands, in turn, beat all two-card hands. For example, Ad-As-2d-2c is a ‘Two-Card Deuce’, 2-A-X-X, because there are two pairs). It’s even possible to have a ‘One Card’ hand; for example, Qd-Jd-8d-4d has four cards of the same suit, so three of them are ignored, leaving just the 4d, a ‘One-Card Four’.
i had 1234 hhdd against 1245 hsdc so you mean having different suits even with a higher hand beat me because of the different suits, ok cause i thought with having different suits meant just not having a flush is ok. thanks!
but howcome itwent to a showdown when i cleary beat him with 1234 against 1245? or did you mean by having different suits is really what you call a badugi and its not the 1234 that makes a badugi but the having different suit will make it?
damn , i thought i knew how to play badugi but i didnt know nothing but now since you taught me how , i think i'll have a better chance of winning. thanks dionysus !!!

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