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Boss Poker Madness

Discussion in 'Casinomeister's Poker Room' started by Darcus, Nov 18, 2004.

    Nov 18, 2004
  1. Darcus

    Darcus Dormant account

    Producer and ticket clerk
    I'll keep this brief.

    I have just signed up to Gala's $100 poker bonus and started playing on the Boss Poker Network.

    I think someone should have a serious look at this as I have experienced some very curious play.

    I have been playing for about 4 hours on the $1/$2 tables, ignoring the fact that nearly every player seems like a maniac and that my experience was about 75% seeing the flop (at least!!), don't get too excited if your first cards are a primo hand. It sounds like poker heaven, but be warned. After playing for a few minutes I witnessed Full House, not shown, Full House, not shown, Two Pair (Aces and Kings) Ace high Flush, Straight etc etc...nearly every board contains a pair, and if it doesn't then it has a straight draw (8 9 10 and A J Q were very common) or is one or two suited. It then dawned that maybe not everyone was a maniac, when cards where shown, nearly everyone had a playable hand, often AJ would be against AK sometimes twice! and AQ!

    Please check this out, coz there is no way this is a random game. Other more experienced players couldn't believe it, whilst the newbies thought this was all normal! This software is totally screwed!

    Here are some hand histories, unfortunately they don't show the winning hand if I folded. But remember, these are consequetive hands! And things are pretty much the same throughout.
    I have removed the betting information but it was mostly manic.

    Hand #10186909 at table: Table TH51
    Started: Thu Nov 18 04:02:04 2004

    Darcus1: 3s, 2s

    Flop (Board: 4d, 10d, 4s):

    Turn (Board: 4d, 10d, 4s, 9c):

    River (Board: 4d, 10d, 4s, 9c, 2d):

    rokim: Bet $1.00
    MAVERlCK: Fold
    Darcus1: Fold

    Hand #10187132 at table: Table TH51
    Started: Thu Nov 18 04:05:37 2004

    Darcus1: Qc, Kd

    Flop (Board: 5d, 6h, 4c):

    Hand #10187269 at table: Table TH51
    Started: Thu Nov 18 04:07:45 2004

    Darcus1: 6h, 6s

    Flop (Board: 10d, 3d, Kd):

    Turn (Board: 10d, 3d, Kd, 10s):

    Hand #10187351 at table: Table TH51
    Started: Thu Nov 18 04:09:05 2004

    Darcus1: 10s, Kc

    Flop (Board: 7d, 4c, Qs):

    Turn (Board: 7d, 4c, Qs, 7h):

    Hand #10187473 at table: Table TH51
    Started: Thu Nov 18 04:11:18 2004

    Darcus1: Ks, 10d

    Flop (Board: 5s, 7s, Qh):

    Hand #10187604 at table: Table TH51
    Started: Thu Nov 18 04:13:27 2004

    Darcus1: Jd, 5d

    Flop (Board: 6c, 4h, 5s):

    Turn (Board: 6c, 4h, 5s, Qd):

    River (Board: 6c, 4h, 5s, Qd, Jh):


    Darcus1 shows: Jd, 5d (two pair, Jacks and Fives)
    rokim shows: 6h, Qc (two pair, Queens and Sixes)

    Hand #10187884 at table: Table TH51
    Started: Thu Nov 18 04:18:07 2004

    Darcus1: Jc, Qh


    Flop (Board: 6c, 6d, 5h):

    Turn (Board: 6c, 6d, 5h, 3h):

    Hand #10187998 at table: Table TH51
    Started: Thu Nov 18 04:20:09 2004

    Darcus1: 3d, 3s


    Flop (Board: 5c, 7s, Kd):

    Turn (Board: 5c, 7s, Kd, 9h):

    Darcus1: Fold
  2. Nov 18, 2004
  3. nafanny29

    nafanny29 Dormant account

    financail adviser
    London, England
    I had the same experiance at SuperVegas.


    I play a hell of a lot of poker online mostly on crypto and prima and have been involved in some truely WILD games where it seemed like folding pre-flop was not allowed!!

    But the cards seen normal enough and AA even holdss up against 8 players sometimes :D

    I have played at SuperVegas once more since my rant and found exactly the same cr@p as my first visit. I wont even bother downloading any further BossMedia JokerPoker rooms :eek:
  4. Nov 18, 2004
  5. trick

    trick Dormant account

    Same experience on Boss.. Amazing hands all the way. I was in a hand where we were 4 guys at showdown that had a str8. 2 of us had the nut str8 on turn, but was beaten by gutshot river (note that all 4 str8 was inside str8) - no more than 2 consecutive cards on the table. No other is quite like Boss poker in my experience...
  6. Nov 18, 2004
  7. pokeraddict

    pokeraddict Webmaster

    Pro Poker Player
    Las Vegas
    I have had the same experience with Boss Media poker rooms Bugsy's and Sporting Bet. The trouble is that when you are in games where flop % is 60% and 3 people go to river every hand you will see things that are truly mind boggling. You just have to sit back and wait for the monster. Bugsy's was not as bad about that as Sporting Bet was.

    Are Super Vegas and Sporting Bet the same place?
  8. Nov 19, 2004
  9. Darcus

    Darcus Dormant account

    Producer and ticket clerk
    Well that's a relief! I thought I was going mad, but it seems that there is certainly something going on there then.

    Surely there should be a massive warning going out about this network?

    It is not poker they are playing, more like a lottery! Any newbies going to this place will get a severely bad education in poker and how to play, as well as losing alot of money.

    Even if you can play half decently, Loose Aggressive Games are notoriously difficult to make any money from, with such large swings, and even more so if the software is conspiring to make more action.

    Well, I've learnt my lesson.

    Thanks everyone :rolleyes:
  10. Nov 28, 2004
  11. Flavio4321

    Flavio4321 Dormant account


    I usually play $1/$2 at empire poker, and there you have games where % flop si 45% and average pot is $14. After reading this thread I checked spotingbet poker room. First suspicious thig is they dont show the average pot and % flop players on their main page, all percentages and numbers are set to 0. So I decided to play for a while to see the action, it was awesome!!. I saw a pot as large as $59 ( always in $1/$2 FL ) and % flop was like 70% I was the only one folding before flop 8-(. It was a really extrange game, after 2 rounds I lost $10 dollars and logged out.

    Maybe I am being too paranoid but, what about boss media setting up robot players who raises every hand???. Its just my crazy idea, and I want to say that I never had any problem with boss casinos, and I fact I do like them.
  12. Nov 28, 2004
  13. paul1

    paul1 Dormant account

    The only gripe I would have about Boss Poker software, is NOT that anything is rigged, but that it is slow. It is slow, like any Boss Media casino software. Too many bells and whistles. As for its integrity, Boss is absolutely fair and random. If the original poster thinks that the "newbies" draw out too much because of "rigged" software, then maybe he is the "newbie", to online poker that is. This, my friend, is the way low limit online poker is. Get used to it, adjust properly, and go to the bank. Best of luck.

    Boss IS FAIR. imho
  14. Nov 30, 2004
  15. pokeraddict

    pokeraddict Webmaster

    Pro Poker Player
    Las Vegas
    Sporting Bet attracts a lot of players from parts of the world that are known online as poor players/call stations. The mix of these players make for some great games. I would believe a table at Sporting Bet could easily be 60%+ flop with average pots of 10-12 big bets. If I could multi table there I would play a lot but I could not stand the software and it only allows for single table play.
  16. Nov 30, 2004
  17. Flavio4321

    Flavio4321 Dormant account

    strategy on this kind of table?

    how do you take advantage of this pokeradicct?, playing really tight maybe?

    Because I heard someone say .."if the table is loose you have to play a little looser to take advantage".. but I played a couple of rounds and I can tell you that with 4 persons in every showndown you can see a lot of straights fullhouses and flushes.
  18. Dec 1, 2004
  19. paul1

    paul1 Dormant account

    There are plenty of good books on this subject.
  20. Dec 1, 2004
  21. pokeraddict

    pokeraddict Webmaster

    Pro Poker Player
    Las Vegas
    One can take 2 different approaches to a game like this. These are very loose games with very few preflop raises. This gives extra value to middle suited connectors that otherwise I would not flop. 56s 67s 89s and 9Ts are now much better hands in a 6 flopper hand. Of course you need a better position to come in with these hands. I still would not flop 22-55 preflop except from button or the blinds. You are only 8-1 to flop a set that could still lose, especially figuring the entire table is coming with any connected or suited pocket cards and any ace making it a real possibility you could lose to even trashier start hands then your little pair and their value to make a straight very low when they are 2's-5's is very low. I would fold very often after the flop too and never call 2 over cards with no other draws after flop as so many people will be chasing as little as one over card and people will easily 2 pair aces on turn or river since they will play any ace.

    Now if you get into one of these games where there are a lot of preflop raisers then IMHO you have to play extremely tight. One maniac player can be controlled with a few raises back. Four maniacs can make for a tough game with high variances but a huge pay day to those who can be patient.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2004
  22. Dec 1, 2004
  23. paul1

    paul1 Dormant account

    Very good post, Poker Addict. :cool:

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