Anyone Tried The Mobile Casinos Yet?


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May 29, 2004
See there has been some developments in this area with the Microgaming/Spin3 release for mobile games but looks good. I'm also seeing quite a few Google/Yahoo searches in my logs for mobile casinos so they must be starting to get interest.

Just wondered if anyone had tried any PDA/Mobile casinos yet? I tried Winward on my XDA but couldn't get it to run. Anyone had any joy or any experiences in this area yet?
Ive not tryed them yet but it would be intresting to hear of anyone who as? i'm not sure i would completely trust them though.
realcasinos said:
I'm not sure i would completely trust them though.

Well it will also depend on the platform. I'd trust MG as their licensing is strict. The RTG mobile platform will probably be fair, but as for the operators, who knows. The others will come down to previous reputations.

I saw that has mobile slots too!! They didn't have my phone listed. So I couldn't try it.
Looks like alot of them are giving it a we can spend our money anywhere

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